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  • More than sex, a company

    Here we do not ask for nudity or sleeping with someone to work at Encounters VIP, the first thing we do is allow the models to take the initiative and when they arrive we accompany them and help them give the extra value of Encounters VIP, give their best to service experience. Encounters VIP the best space for escorts and clients. Go to our main page and see for yourself that it is the best space to give and find special and exclusive accompaniment services. This is between us. The founder, owner and administrator of Encounters VIP is clear that the objective is to provide the best service, so that clients have the best experience and remember it so much that they want to return and continue with the girls from the agency. To achieve excellence in service, clients can speak to the founder and the Encounters VIP team if they have any questions or comments so that the occasion is the best and also that it is better in the future. And the girls about the clients? The girls know that they can talk to the founder of the places, clothes, events and of course also about the clients if something is not going well. Clients must meet certain requirements in order to request a service with the Encounters VIP girls. Education, their level of training and of course they have the financial capacity to pay for the company. Avoid bad times and the police having to intervene. On one occasion it happened, the client did not want to pay for the service and it is a crime in Colombia, as it was a breach of a contract due to non-payment for a service. The solution is to pay for the service without an intermediary, in legal cases the police officer, having to intervene. The idea and conviction is to ensure that the models, clients and the company are better every day, which is why safety is the fundamental pillar to ensure that everyone has a pleasant, great and satisfactory experience. The filters are not just for the girls who want to work with us, clients should also know that Encounters VIP wants the girls to be respected and treated in the best way. The goal is for the experience and details to remain in your memory and put a smile on your face. More than sex, a company. You can follow us on Instagram No strings attached The interest in working as a companion woman is clear when they write on the website and some take the risk to start the process, the most difficult thing is to stay in the process. Encounters VIP wants girls to stay of their own accord, without feeling obligated to work as a companion if that is not what they want. Due to experiences that the girls in some agencies have told, the client receives a different girl than the one he had requested. The founder states that “other agencies deceive clients with photos of top models, of models who do not even work on this to convince the client. customer and after the customer requested the service and gave their information, they sent it to anyone, then risked having it returned or not being returned, but if they wanted to take the service, yes...obliged" the girls from Encounters VIP are real in their description, photos and of course, in the company. Working with The Founder and Encounters VIP means being able to work in other companies and in other cities, and Cartagena is one of the cities where the girls have felt that they can provide a very good service and that clients really like it. It gives them a synonym of security and tranquility that is not felt or reflected in other cities in the country. And in other countries? A question that they have asked The founder because they have felt that the service is excellent and they would like to have that level in their countries to be able to hire more frequently, but for now the girls and their professionalism make them want to return to Colombia to see them again.

  • Smoke in the dream

    The pleasure and sensuality of a date can be equal or better than if it were real. The company of a woman sought by a man can be expressed in different ways and the most important thing is to achieve a permanent smile on the client's face. Embarking on the search for a person's most hidden sensations and temptations is finding erupting volcanoes that explode when your eyes meet those of a lady whose dedication is to give her best to dig and touch the key points of the skin. . Her eyes focus on the deep sleepy admirer, one hand through her hair and the other waving like the greatest queen the world could ever have. Sweating from the heat of the images in her head, with his eyes fixed on a movie that repeats in her head and losing count of the heartbeats of her volcano, he wonders what happened. A dream that he wants to fulfill, a dream that he hopes to be able to bring to reality and he knows that a person can help him realize it and calm his emotions of passion. The queen's name is engraved on him and he decides to see her. An invitation to meet can become a reality in the company of an atmosphere of smells and flavors of a restaurant somewhere in the city that you both like to be to spend time savoring and listening to stories. A man's dreams make the food served on the plate left for the end of the night, the smoke traveling from the porcelain to his breasts of the woman faded and the warmth of the flavors would take over the languages ​​that crossed ideas that time allowed to be told.

  • Avoid falling for scams, service first

    Criminals use different means to persuade clients to hire girls and then use their data and information to scam and steal money for a long time if they do not go to the corresponding authorities. The approach of these people may be through calls, WhatsApp messages or email in which they claim to be part of the work team of a company to offer special prices or offers, which may be accompanied by suggestive images to try to attract the client accepts as quickly as possible. They ask for payment for the service at the time the client confirms the service. They have even requested customer data to request larger sums of money in the future, threatening to spread names and messages. Avoid falling into scams, first the service. If something similar happens to you and they ask you for money before the service, immediately doubt the honesty and truthfulness of the person on the other end of the cell phone. Companies like Encounters VIP provide the service only if the client communicates directly with the company through the media published on their social networks and website No person is authorized to contact clients directly to offer any type of service. Payment for the service is made to the girls after the service and the value has been agreed between you and the company days before. If you have a feeling or doubt about the person you are speaking to for a service, contact one of the numbers or the email address already mentioned and clear your doubts. Encounters VIP contact numbers are (57) 3133349617, (44) 7429 828352, (57) 3227634200 and the only email is If you have been scammed, you must contact and make a report to the National Police or the Prosecutor's Office so that they can guide your process. You can also report the case virtually through the “AReport” page of the National Police and follow the following steps: 1. “Virtual complaint” 2. “I accept conditions” 3. “Scam” 4. “Continue” Follow the steps requested on the page to continue with the process. You are the one who should contact the company first and not someone posing as someone from the work group. Encounters VIP committed to the safety of its clients.

  • Venturous Lea

    He will work until he achieves his dreams. His dreams are like yours or mine, which aim to find happiness and tranquility in a place. Find your place in the world where you have what you need to live and continue sharing with the people you love. The manifestation of dreams in each person has so many edges that no person could completely understand another's dreams. One day you wake up studying a topic and working and performing at it, the next day you wake up to create an independent company, and the week later you travel and see incredible places working on something different. Lea's dreams will become reality, one day she will wake up with the responsibility of continuing to fulfill her dreams. Independent at Encounters VIP Now she is dedicated to being Independent at Encounters VIP, to supporting herself and living with the opportunity that was presented to her and that provides her with the stability she wants to have at this moment. Dancing, parading, a drink, dressing and undressing face to face, getting ready for the special moment that another person has planned in advance and that they have longed to have for several nights. He chose her carefully, hoping to have the best hours of the week, even the month. Dedicated to giving pleasure, but not only sexual. There are those who want to be heard, accompanied somewhere and even want to give you a detail. So, could it be that the dream of others is the path that she chose to help them fulfill it? Customer service with an ending…an ending of pleasure.

  • Safe and exclusive sexual tourism..

    Encounters VIP is a permitted portal and meets the requirements to be presented with exclusivity and honors in the adult entertainment category of the year. The expansion of the company in Cartagena is the opportunity to guarantee more girls the security of being accompanied by a group of people who are against exploitation. The most delicate thing about this form of work is the capacity that countries have to guarantee the rights of people and children. You cannot hide the sun with a finger, but you can establish rules that allow free work without the appropriation of spaces and without violating the rights of each person. Cartagena, a city visited by more than 530 thousand people a year, located only behind Bogotá, has the opportunity to increase protection and be an example for the world. In 2018, at the International Summit on the protection of children and adolescents held in Colombia, it was agreed that hundreds of travel and tourism companies committed to avoiding sexual exploitation. The opportunity to care for and give good treatment to women and men who work with their bodies is closer in countries like Colombia, where Law 679 of 2001 decreed by the Congress of the Republic promotes the protection of children and adolescents. . And that companies have the responsibility of guaranteeing compliance with the laws on this issue. Safe and exclusive sexual tourism is found at Encounters VIP, it is committed to the people who work with them.

  • Palms on skin give pleasure

    A tired body is a body that needs to relax and feel in a moment of tranquility and peace with the satisfaction of having a massage with a very happy ending. An oil with scents to rub the hands and relax the client, give minutes of an atmosphere of dim lights in the dark, music that closes their eyes and makes them feel a second closer to resting after hard weeks. Clients decide if they want to have a strong massage, a soft massage, on the back or on a particular part of the body. Not everyone has the same tastes and may prefer the massage to be performed in a different way. If you wish, the massages can be and end at the exact moment when the girl's hands finish the massage, but who says that the client cannot give a massage? If both parties agree, they can perform a mutual massage to observe, touch, and delight in the beauty of the girl in a special and unique way for you. Or a classic Happy ending, which can leave you speechless after all the previous erotic relaxation. Separate point The experience can not only be for one person, the massages can also be given for couples and they decide if they want the girls to be in their underwear or clothed. Or the option of a massage with four palms on the skin gives pleasure, two girls passing their hands through it The path in the end depends on you. The search for sensations in each part of the body, from the toes to the tip of the head and feeling everything in the body with chemistry so that the client is happy and relaxed. The best thing is to be able to talk and ask to live certain experiences that perhaps with other people you would not do, "some clients like massage or want to experience prostate massage and the best way to satisfy the desire is clear and specific questions" according to Lea , Encounters VIP girl and the same applies to everyone. The client can decide if she wants to finish with the movement of the hands up and down or with the entire mouth, or with the sexual act of penetration.

  • You have to enjoy it and connect

    The secret of living is to enjoy it, enjoy the moments, the dinners, the wines, the partying and one enjoys it more when a connection is created. The emotions a girl has before work make them feel tingly. Lea remembers that “while the service arrives, the most interesting thing is knowing who you are going to meet” and knowing if there will be that connection that makes her feel even more special and that allows her to work with more pleasure. It doesn't matter what language they speak, English, French or any other language other than Spanish, what girls like Lea like most is the connection of energies. The secret of living is to enjoy it, enjoy the moments, the dinners, the wines, the partying and one enjoys it more when a connection is created. Emotions are so important outside and during the meeting that they are the basis for both of them to have a delicious time and “have a good time.” Psychologically and physically are two important things for everything to flow better, even if “it's not going well at all, the idea is that the other person has a pleasant time and you also have a very good time” there are even times when clients invite them to have dinner, have a wine, they treat them like a girlfriend, “just like I treat them, like a boyfriend and I like that”. “It's super cool when there is that connection, we even take a bath, talking while the other gets ready to leave” Lea. Talk sh*t and let the man get hang out and feel good Sex is sex and if the client wants to let off steam they can last thirty or forty minutes and then even the most introverted person can become the best chatter and storyteller. Lea loves that the client feels so comfortable and wants him to know that he can sit down and talk “Wednesday”, vent and tell things that he is passionate about. You have to enjoy it and connect. For the same reason, to make the patch more comfortable, the girls have knowledge of several things, to have something to talk about. And they can "sit down and have a drink, talk relaxed, be super calm" and the client also has every right to ask the girl he wants to leave, he has every freedom to tell her that "he feels like a a little tired” and “I can order an Uber and I don't feel bad, that the client feels good” the important thing is that neither of us gets uncomfortable. Read something, go to the gym, sleep, go to English classes, pole dance and go out for a cup of coffee, without a serious relationship and if you've already finished all your homework and have a service at 11 at night, the first thing What he thinks is “uff what a great Marika, today I'm going out I'm going to play with that man. We go and eat first, and then we patch up and the coolest thing of all is that I enjoyed everything that happened at that moment, I continue with my life and he with his”. The next day and in the week he continues with his routine and waits to feel again the tickling of doubt of who is going to be his man.

  • What happened to Lalexpo in Colombia?

    Following the cancellation in Cartagena and then in Barranquilla, Colombia, for the Latin America Adult Business exhibition, Lalexpo has reported economic losses of more than $80 billion in revenue for the nation and territorial entities. After what happened with Lalexpo in Colombia, they issued a statement on their official website indicating that “this Industry is powerful and is more current than ever. Despite all the blockades that they are trying to put on us to prevent us from holding our annual Congress, Lalexpo 2022 is a reality” leaving as a key point that there are more than 150 thousand families who live off the Adult Industry, and who reject the sexual exploitation and minors. The exhibition was going to be held first in the city of Cartagena and canceled due to the danger that the message of an exhibition of this kind would have been distorted, and another of the reasons given by the district entities is the path they are taking to "position Cartagena as sustainable tourism, family, culture and nature”. Barranquilla was the second option after the rejection and refusal of the city of Cartagena. With five days left until the Exhibition that was going to take place from June 12 to 15, 2022, the Mayor's Office announced that, due to the proximity of the dates to the second presidential round, on June 19, it could not guarantee the public force necessary to maintain the integrity of the population in the face of possible manifestation. Lalexpo Defense The Lalexpo exhibition has been held in three countries. In Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 27; Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 4; and in Mexico City, Mexico on May 11 and it was expected that in Colombia it would be just as successful as part of the Latam Tour as they had called it. The adult entertainment exhibition is one of the opportunities for hundreds of companies that work in this medium to learn and exchange ideas from the industry to improve the environment and avoid any attempt at sexual exploitation. Different exhibitions had been planned during the 4 days which included experts in content creation, psychology, sexology, financial and tax advisor as well as references such as national and international models. The legal representative of Lalexpo, Juan Carlos Rivera, in an interview for CTV Barranquilla, spoke about the industry and the environment, mentioning that the event has more than 5 thousand models and 150 thousand businessmen who are going to lose billions of dollars, and that They have to accept that “they judge us to be pimps or to promote child pornography, which is not true”. Given the denials, Rivera mentions that from the city of Bucaramanga there are more than 500 guardianships ready to file for million-dollar losses and the lack of opportunity to explain what it is and what is done at the Adult Industry Exhibition that was going to be held in Colombia. It is not yet known if there will be any attempt to hold Lalexpo in another city. At the moment there has been no rapprochement between the organizers and the entities that canceled, but they will respect the decisions by law without forgetting that there is already a lawsuit against the industry.

  • Award and value for adult content

    The meaning of sex has become the possibility of creating bonds with one's own person and with many others. The adult content industry unites millions of people including models, actors, producers, cameramen, and ordinary people who have found a change in the conception of sex. Sex has changed and the practices around it accompany it, adult content went from magazines like Play Boy to websites where you can find expressions of work with the body. From printed images to videos, and now sensuality and sexuality are experienced in the live broadcast. Both men and women work in different branches of adult content production, just like the film industry, and the best achieve global recognition. Among the most famous awards shows are the AVN and XBIZ where the main stars are nominated and awarded for the ability to make everything real look authentic. Those who carry the camera, those who plan the productions also have recognition for making the environment of content production and reproduction more attractive, truthful, and captivating for the public. The city of Los Angeles hosts the XBIZ Awards and Las Vegas hosts the AVN Awards at the beginning of the year, and there have been other awards shows around the world. In the United Kingdom the UKAFTA, in France the Hot d'or or in Germany the Venus Award, this had a break in 2009 and returned the following year and remains valid with celebration dates on October 20 to 23, the award and value adult content remains over time. The world of adult content moves around $100 billion dollars according to analysts and economists interviewed by Diario la República, and only 10% is from the United States. Adult content has changed as technology allows it to integrate and produce more content and therefore more money. Currently there are courses for people to learn how to move, speak, and interact in front of the nude camera. New ways of exchanging experiences have allowed models to create and improve their performance and provide better service. The webcam has a special space for work and life for those who want to make a living from adult content.

  • Lights, camera and lubricant

    “A bad girl show, I dress up with horns and black and I bring a lot of toys” to interact, in webcam shows there are many themes and ways to create an entire show, today our anonymous girl tells us some secrets of her work. An hour beforehand, the entire setup must be prepared for the orgasmic hours made for those who get to see the glorious and virtuous bodies of divine women. The day-to-day show to please the dreams of those who seek them and become faithful beneficiaries, whatever they want to see to accompany the mornings, afternoons or nights and have fun at their fingertips.. It all started with the idea of ​​earning more money, having a bank account with your own funds that would allow you to do your things without having to ask someone else for money. Not everyone has the sexual display in front of a camera, but for our girl, it was not difficult for her to see herself and create a spectacle in front of the lens and a screen. The money... in dollars, and for a Colombian, for any Colombian, earning in dollars is better than having pesos in the account. “In one week you could make more income than in a normal job,” says Lea, and to achieve better results, all the girls have training on how to handle the platforms and know the angles to look sexier. Eight hours a day and six days a week, office hours, Lea defines it as “just like any other business, if you don't open your business you won't sell and if you're there for two hours, imagine how many people are going to come into your room.” . Some girls work from a company studio, which has everything ready to broadcast live, others decide to do their work from home, they organize a room with their computer, camera, lights in such an organized way with every detail in its exact place.. “One must be prepared before the transmission” the internet, sound, cameras that everything is ready to avoid accidents or things that may happen and for that “one has to prepare one or two hours before connecting, you have to have everything ready” . For example, for a “bad girl” show, I dress up with horns and black and I bring many toys with dynamics to interact with them.” The idea is to have balloons, roulette, even ice ready, and it depends on each person and how they put together their function according to the theme, there are too many topics to do and Lights, camera and lubricant, action.

  • Lube, toys and action

    The first days she didn't know very well what she was doing, much less what was behind the screen "I was serious and smiled little, now I do it with love, smiling in the broadcast”. Some days are better than others. They can spend hours in front of the camera and the remuneration for the work is not what was expected, unlike other days the sound of the knock and the messages in the chat became a pleasure for Lea. Transmitting privately means having direct contact with the user and chatting about what they want, a couple of questions and the formation of catharsis for both of them unfolds. Some just want a little chat, to tell and hear about the day, some stories and memories you want to share, to see the girl's face and let flow a conversation you wanted to have with her. The time is his, she paid for it and decided to talk. Other people want to use the time to materialize desires that light the fire of their being with the girl behind the camera. The seriousness and not smiling easily became lighter when he became emotionally free, as time went on he began to love work and enjoy broadcasting. At first the information they gave me “was to give company, offer a distraction” that will stimulate the vibrations and make the skin crawl. Read talks to them on WhatsApp or Instagram during the day and when she is going to connect she lets them know so they can go see her, do challenges, talk, play, sing, listen to music together, etc. There are people who want “for me to sneeze, for you to pretend to be pregnant, for me to masturbate to the maximum pleasure, for me to use dildos from the front to the back and many other things” and although some were not so common, I did and does them with total respect, dedicated to his work. Being a webcammer means transmitting while other girls in the world also do it, and to be seen more and rank among all of them you have to dedicate more time live, "when I started 12 hours ago, 16 hours ago, I managed to transmit 36 ​​hours" because as it says her and that applies to any job, sport, hobby "he who perseveres achieves." Lube, toys and action.

  • Casting, photos without anything else

    In the escort industry, it is common for some agencies to first require the model to have sexual relations to "evaluate" her ability, before requesting photos and having an agreement to work with the company. The testimony of a girl who works as an escort tells how a company of girls forces everyone to have intimate relationships with the owner before working with the company. She says that “I didn't know much about that topic and I lived with a girl, and she was the one who recommended that agency to me” and although the girls do not sign any type of contract, there are some points that some agencies require. “You are free to leave whenever you want, I am waiting for the photos to be downloaded from the page this week” because he did not continue working with that agency. One of the reasons is that the owner did not respect her being sick or going through some problem in her personal life; another, the percentage 40 – 60, 40% for him; and the casting, which is having intimate relations with the owner before entering the agency and if the owner wants to renew photos, the girl has to be with him again “and I couldn't tell her how to take the photos first and then, whatever.” “I was in that agency because I didn't know much about it” she also clarifies that the owner of that agency “is not human at all”, one time she couldn't go to a service and he left her without work for two weeks, even when there were no chichas for services. On the other hand, at Encounters VIP, the owner pays attention “if I have a problem, he is not going to tell me that I have to go to the service because I work a lot and they provide us with services and I never have a problem.” The girl spends a schedule of availability to work and if for some reason she cannot due to illness or some other reason, as happened on some occasion, the Encounters VIP team told her “lie down, relax, calm down, no problem”, accompanies the girl must be in good condition in all aspects to work and if necessary show another girl to the client for the service. Even the quality of Encounters VIP is reflected in the photos due to having a professional photographer on their team who respects and creates a perfect work environment to carry out the photo session. At Encounters VIP the girls should not have intimate relationships with the owner or photographer or anyone from the company, the only thing they should have is interest in working, be willing to learn about this work, have confidentiality with the agency and clients, and have a good time good. Contact Encounters VIP through our social networks or our contact numbers to find out more details about the work and service process with total confidentiality in one of the best escort companies in Colombia. Casting, photos without anything else.

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