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Venturous Lea

He will work until he achieves his dreams. His dreams are like yours or mine, which aim to find happiness and tranquility in a place. Find your place in the world where you have what you need to live and continue sharing with the people you love.

The manifestation of dreams in each person has so many edges that no person could completely understand another's dreams. One day you wake up studying a topic and working and performing at it, the next day you wake up to create an independent company, and the week later you travel and see incredible places working on something different. Lea's dreams will become reality, one day she will wake up with the responsibility of continuing to fulfill her dreams.

Independent at Encounters VIP

Now she is dedicated to being Independent at Encounters VIP, to supporting herself and living with the opportunity that was presented to her and that provides her with the stability she wants to have at this moment. Dancing, parading, a drink, dressing and undressing face to face, getting ready for the special moment that another person has planned in advance and that they have longed to have for several nights. He chose her carefully, hoping to have the best hours of the week, even the month.

Encounters| VIP | Silueta y labios rojos mujer| Bogotá

Dedicated to giving pleasure, but not only sexual. There are those who want to be heard, accompanied somewhere and even want to give you a detail. So, could it be that the dream of others is the path that she chose to help them fulfill it?

Customer service with an ending…an ending of pleasure.

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