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Smoke in the dream

The pleasure and sensuality of a date can be equal or better than if it were real. The company of a woman sought by a man can be expressed in different ways and the most important thing is to achieve a permanent smile on the client's face.

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Embarking on the search for a person's most hidden sensations and temptations is finding erupting volcanoes that explode when your eyes meet those of a lady whose dedication is to give her best to dig and touch the key points of the skin. . Her eyes focus on the deep sleepy admirer, one hand through her hair and the other waving like the greatest queen the world could ever have. Sweating from the heat of the images in her head, with his eyes fixed on a movie that repeats in her head and losing count of the heartbeats of her volcano, he wonders what happened.

A dream that he wants to fulfill, a dream that he hopes to be able to bring to reality and he knows that a person can help him realize it and calm his emotions of passion. The queen's name is engraved on him and he decides to see her. An invitation to meet can become a reality in the company of an atmosphere of smells and flavors of a restaurant somewhere in the city that you both like to be to spend time savoring and listening to stories.

A man's dreams make the food served on the plate left for the end of the night, the smoke traveling from the porcelain to his breasts of the woman faded and the warmth of the flavors would take over the languages ​​that crossed ideas that time allowed to be told.

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