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Avoid falling for scams, service first

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Criminals use different means to persuade clients to hire girls and then use their data and information to scam and steal money for a long time if they do not go to the corresponding authorities.

The approach of these people may be through calls, WhatsApp messages or email in which they claim to be part of the work team of a company to offer special prices or offers, which may be accompanied by suggestive images to try to attract the client accepts as quickly as possible.

They ask for payment for the service at the time the client confirms the service. They have even requested customer data to request larger sums of money in the future, threatening to spread names and messages. Avoid falling into scams, first the service.

If something similar happens to you and they ask you for money before the service, immediately doubt the honesty and truthfulness of the person on the other end of the cell phone. Companies like Encounters VIP provide the service only if the client communicates directly with the company through the media published on their social networks and website No person is authorized to contact clients directly to offer any type of service.

Payment for the service is made to the girls after the service and the value has been agreed between you and the company days before. If you have a feeling or doubt about the person you are speaking to for a service, contact one of the numbers or the email address already mentioned and clear your doubts. Encounters VIP contact numbers are (57) 3133349617, (44) 7429 828352, (57) 3227634200 and the only email is

If you have been scammed, you must contact and make a report to the National Police or the Prosecutor's Office so that they can guide your process. You can also report the case virtually through the “AReport” page of the National Police and follow the following steps:

1. “Virtual complaint” 2. “I accept conditions” 3. “Scam” 4. “Continue”

Follow the steps requested on the page to continue with the process. You are the one who should contact the company first and not someone posing as someone from the work group. Encounters VIP committed to the safety of its clients.

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