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More than sex, a company

Here we do not ask for nudity or sleeping with someone to work at Encounters VIP, the first thing we do is allow the models to take the initiative and when they arrive we accompany them and help them give the extra value of Encounters VIP, give their best to service experience.

Encounters VIP the best space for escorts and clients. Go to our main page and see for yourself that it is the best space to give and find special and exclusive accompaniment services. This is between us.

Encounters| VIP | Dedos entrelazados cama| Bogotá

The founder, owner and administrator of Encounters VIP is clear that the objective is to provide the best service, so that clients have the best experience and remember it so much that they want to return and continue with the girls from the agency. To achieve excellence in service, clients can speak to the founder and the Encounters VIP team if they have any questions or comments so that the occasion is the best and also that it is better in the future.

And the girls about the clients? The girls know that they can talk to the founder of the places, clothes, events and of course also about the clients if something is not going well.

Clients must meet certain requirements in order to request a service with the Encounters VIP girls. Education, their level of training and of course they have the financial capacity to pay for the company. Avoid bad times and the police having to intervene. On one occasion it happened, the client did not want to pay for the service and it is a crime in Colombia, as it was a breach of a contract due to non-payment for a service. The solution is to pay for the service without an intermediary, in legal cases the police officer, having to intervene.

The idea and conviction is to ensure that the models, clients and the company are better every day, which is why safety is the fundamental pillar to ensure that everyone has a pleasant, great and satisfactory experience. The filters are not just for the girls who want to work with us, clients should also know that Encounters VIP wants the girls to be respected and treated in the best way. The goal is for the experience and details to remain in your memory and put a smile on your face. More than sex, a company.

Encounters| VIP | Codigo Qr| Bogotá

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No strings attached

The interest in working as a companion woman is clear when they write on the website and some take the risk to start the process, the most difficult thing is to stay in the process. Encounters VIP wants girls to stay of their own accord, without feeling obligated to work as a companion if that is not what they want.

Due to experiences that the girls in some agencies have told, the client receives a different girl than the one he had requested. The founder states that “other agencies deceive clients with photos of top models, of models who do not even work on this to convince the client. customer and after the customer requested the service and gave their information, they sent it to anyone, then risked having it returned or not being returned, but if they wanted to take the service, yes...obliged" the girls from Encounters VIP are real in their description, photos and of course, in the company.

Working with The Founder and Encounters VIP means being able to work in other companies and in other cities, and Cartagena is one of the cities where the girls have felt that they can provide a very good service and that clients really like it. It gives them a synonym of security and tranquility that is not felt or reflected in other cities in the country.

And in other countries? A question that they have asked The founder because they have felt that the service is excellent and they would like to have that level in their countries to be able to hire more frequently, but for now the girls and their professionalism make them want to return to Colombia to see them again.

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