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Casting, photos without anything else

In the escort industry, it is common for some agencies to first require the model to have sexual relations to "evaluate" her ability, before requesting photos and having an agreement to work with the company.

Encounters| VIP | Mujer lencería morada de perfil| Bogotá

The testimony of a girl who works as an escort tells how a company of girls forces everyone to have intimate relationships with the owner before working with the company. She says that “I didn't know much about that topic and I lived with a girl, and she was the one who recommended that agency to me” and although the girls do not sign any type of contract, there are some points that some agencies require.

“You are free to leave whenever you want, I am waiting for the photos to be downloaded from the page this week” because he did not continue working with that agency. One of the reasons is that the owner did not respect her being sick or going through some problem in her personal life; another, the percentage 40 – 60, 40% for him; and the casting, which is having intimate relations with the owner before entering the agency and if the owner wants to renew photos, the girl has to be with him again “and I couldn't tell her how to take the photos first and then, whatever.”

“I was in that agency because I didn't know much about it” she also clarifies that the owner of that agency “is not human at all”, one time she couldn't go to a service and he left her without work for two weeks, even when there were no chichas for services.

Encounters| VIP| Mujer de espaldas liguero morado | Bogotá

On the other hand, at Encounters VIP, the owner pays attention “if I have a problem, he is not going to tell me that I have to go to the service because I work a lot and they provide us with services and I never have a problem.” The girl spends a schedule of availability to work and if for some reason she cannot due to illness or some other reason, as happened on some occasion, the Encounters VIP team told her “lie down, relax, calm down, no problem”, accompanies the girl must be in good condition in all aspects to work and if necessary show another girl to the client for the service.

Even the quality of Encounters VIP is reflected in the photos due to having a professional photographer on their team who respects and creates a perfect work environment to carry out the photo session. At Encounters VIP the girls should not have intimate relationships with the owner or photographer or anyone from the company, the only thing they should have is interest in working, be willing to learn about this work, have confidentiality with the agency and clients, and have a good time good.

Contact Encounters VIP through our social networks or our contact numbers to find out more details about the work and service process with total confidentiality in one of the best escort companies in Colombia. Casting, photos without anything else.

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