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Palms on skin give pleasure

A tired body is a body that needs to relax and feel in a moment of tranquility and peace with the satisfaction of having a massage with a very happy ending.

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An oil with scents to rub the hands and relax the client, give minutes of an atmosphere of dim lights in the dark, music that closes their eyes and makes them feel a second closer to resting after hard weeks. Clients decide if they want to have a strong massage, a soft massage, on the back or on a particular part of the body. Not everyone has the same tastes and may prefer the massage to be performed in a different way.

If you wish, the massages can be and end at the exact moment when the girl's hands finish the massage, but who says that the client cannot give a massage? If both parties agree, they can perform a mutual massage to observe, touch, and delight in the beauty of the girl in a special and unique way for you. Or a classic Happy ending, which can leave you speechless after all the previous erotic relaxation.

Separate point

The experience can not only be for one person, the massages can also be given for couples and they decide if they want the girls to be in their underwear or clothed. Or the option of a massage with four palms on the skin gives pleasure, two girls passing their hands through it

The path in the end depends on you. The search for sensations in each part of the body, from the toes to the tip of the head and feeling everything in the body with chemistry so that the client is happy and relaxed.

The best thing is to be able to talk and ask to live certain experiences that perhaps with other people you would not do, "some clients like massage or want to experience prostate massage and the best way to satisfy the desire is clear and specific questions" according to Lea , Encounters VIP girl and the same applies to everyone. The client can decide if she wants to finish with the movement of the hands up and down or with the entire mouth, or with the sexual act of penetration.

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