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Lube, toys and action

The first days she didn't know very well what she was doing, much less what was behind the screen "I was serious and smiled little, now I do it with love, smiling in the broadcast”.

Encounters| VIP| Piernas de mujer con medias y tacones| Bogotá

Some days are better than others. They can spend hours in front of the camera and the remuneration for the work is not what was expected, unlike other days the sound of the knock and the messages in the chat became a pleasure for Lea. Transmitting privately means having direct contact with the user and chatting about what they want, a couple of questions and the formation of catharsis for both of them unfolds.

Some just want a little chat, to tell and hear about the day, some stories and memories you want to share, to see the girl's face and let flow a conversation you wanted to have with her. The time is his, she paid for it and decided to talk. Other people want to use the time to materialize desires that light the fire of their being with the girl behind the camera.

The seriousness and not smiling easily became lighter when he became emotionally free, as time went on he began to love work and enjoy broadcasting. At first the information they gave me “was to give company, offer a distraction” that will stimulate the vibrations and make the skin crawl.

Read talks to them on WhatsApp or Instagram during the day and when she is going to connect she lets them know so they can go see her, do challenges, talk, play, sing, listen to music together, etc. There are people who want “for me to sneeze, for you to pretend to be pregnant, for me to masturbate to the maximum pleasure, for me to use dildos from the front to the back and many other things” and although some were not so common, I did and does them with total respect, dedicated to his work.

Being a webcammer means transmitting while other girls in the world also do it, and to be seen more and rank among all of them you have to dedicate more time live, "when I started 12 hours ago, 16 hours ago, I managed to transmit 36 ​​hours" because as it says her and that applies to any job, sport, hobby "he who perseveres achieves." Lube, toys and action.

Encounters|VIP| Mujer media de puntos tacón| Bogotá

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