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Safe and exclusive sexual tourism..

Encounters VIP is a permitted portal and meets the requirements to be presented with exclusivity and honors in the adult entertainment category of the year. The expansion of the company in Cartagena is the opportunity to guarantee more girls the security of being accompanied by a group of people who are against exploitation.

The most delicate thing about this form of work is the capacity that countries have to guarantee the rights of people and children. You cannot hide the sun with a finger, but you can establish rules that allow free work without the appropriation of spaces and without violating the rights of each person.

Cartagena, a city visited by more than 530 thousand people a year, located only behind Bogotá, has the opportunity to increase protection and be an example for the world. In 2018, at the International Summit on the protection of children and adolescents held in Colombia, it was agreed that hundreds of travel and tourism companies committed to avoiding sexual exploitation.

The opportunity to care for and give good treatment to women and men who work with their bodies is closer in countries like Colombia, where Law 679 of 2001 decreed by the Congress of the Republic promotes the protection of children and adolescents. . And that companies have the responsibility of guaranteeing compliance with the laws on this issue.

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Safe and exclusive sexual tourism is found at Encounters VIP, it is committed to the people who work with them.

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