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Lights, camera and lubricant

“A bad girl show, I dress up with horns and black and I bring a lot of toys” to interact, in webcam shows there are many themes and ways to create an entire show, today our anonymous girl tells us some secrets of her work.

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An hour beforehand, the entire setup must be prepared for the orgasmic hours made for those who get to see the glorious and virtuous bodies of divine women. The day-to-day show to please the dreams of those who seek them and become faithful beneficiaries, whatever they want to see to accompany the mornings, afternoons or nights and have fun at their fingertips..

It all started with the idea of ​​earning more money, having a bank account with your own funds that would allow you to do your things without having to ask someone else for money. Not everyone has the sexual display in front of a camera, but for our girl, it was not difficult for her to see herself and create a spectacle in front of the lens and a screen.

The money... in dollars, and for a Colombian, for any Colombian, earning in dollars is better than having pesos in the account. “In one week you could make more income than in a normal job,” says Lea, and to achieve better results, all the girls have training on how to handle the platforms and know the angles to look sexier.

Eight hours a day and six days a week, office hours, Lea defines it as “just like any other business, if you don't open your business you won't sell and if you're there for two hours, imagine how many people are going to come into your room.” . Some girls work from a company studio, which has everything ready to broadcast live, others decide to do their work from home, they organize a room with their computer, camera, lights in such an organized way with every detail in its exact place..

“One must be prepared before the transmission” the internet, sound, cameras that everything is ready to avoid accidents or things that may happen and for that “one has to prepare one or two hours before connecting, you have to have everything ready” . For example, for a “bad girl” show, I dress up with horns and black and I bring many toys with dynamics to interact with them.” The idea is to have balloons, roulette, even ice ready, and it depends on each person and how they put together their function according to the theme, there are too many topics to do and Lights, camera and lubricant, action.

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