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You have to enjoy it and connect

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The secret of living is to enjoy it, enjoy the moments, the dinners, the wines, the partying and one enjoys it more when a connection is created. The emotions a girl has before work make them feel tingly. Lea remembers that “while the service arrives, the most interesting thing is knowing who you are going to meet” and knowing if there will be that connection that makes her feel even more special and that allows her to work with more pleasure. It doesn't matter what language they speak, English, French or any other language other than Spanish, what girls like Lea like most is the connection of energies.

The secret of living is to enjoy it, enjoy the moments, the dinners, the wines, the partying and one enjoys it more when a connection is created. Emotions are so important outside and during the meeting that they are the basis for both of them to have a delicious time and “have a good time.” Psychologically and physically are two important things for everything to flow better, even if “it's not going well at all, the idea is that the other person has a pleasant time and you also have a very good time” there are even times when clients invite them to have dinner, have a wine, they treat them like a girlfriend, “just like I treat them, like a boyfriend and I like that”.

It's super cool when there is that connection, we even take a bath, talking while the other gets ready to leave” Lea.

Talk sh*t and let the man get hang out and feel good

Sex is sex and if the client wants to let off steam they can last thirty or forty minutes and then even the most introverted person can become the best chatter and storyteller. Lea loves that the client feels so comfortable and wants him to know that he can sit down and talk “Wednesday”, vent and tell things that he is passionate about. You have to enjoy it and connect.

For the same reason, to make the patch more comfortable, the girls have knowledge of several things, to have something to talk about. And they can "sit down and have a drink, talk relaxed, be super calm" and the client also has every right to ask the girl he wants to leave, he has every freedom to tell her that "he feels like a a little tired” and “I can order an Uber and I don't feel bad, that the client feels good” the important thing is that neither of us gets uncomfortable.

Read something, go to the gym, sleep, go to English classes, pole dance and go out for a cup of coffee, without a serious relationship and if you've already finished all your homework and have a service at 11 at night, the first thing What he thinks is “uff what a great Marika, today I'm going out I'm going to play with that man. We go and eat first, and then we patch up and the coolest thing of all is that I enjoyed everything that happened at that moment, I continue with my life and he with his”.

The next day and in the week he continues with his routine and waits to feel again the tickling of doubt of who is going to be his man.

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