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Beware of disguised abusers

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Models are exposed to abuse and harassment from hundreds of people who seek to use them for their personal purposes. Women, be more careful with people who take advantage of your social status or economic power to impose their desires.

The world of escort service is exposed to the mercy of people who do not know and do not understand what work means and that every performance of a job requires a set of quality demands and values. Those who have the most responsibility are those with a position with which they give instructions for others to carry out, without excluding anyone, everyone deserves respect and timely payment for their tasks.

Abuse is abuse

Workers who use their bodies to live, or to earn extra income, are in a world where their job is to please their clients with their beauty and physical skills. Escorts must take care of themselves very carefully, and looking carefully at the people they work with can have consequences for their physical and mental health.

Working with your body in a sexual manner is legal in Colombia as long as it is carried out of free will and without any type of pressure. No person can force, blackmail, abuse, or take advantage of an accompanying model because it immediately violates dignity. human rights, the right to work and more, it is a crime to exercise any type of violence against another person.

Sexual violence.

There is a line between working with your body and receiving any type of sexual abuse for being an escort model.

Sex work is income-generating work, a service that is paid for, and all people who work in this field have rights. If a man or woman decides to work as a companion, he should not allow himself to be treated like merchandise, handled like an object.

No, it is not normal for an agency manager to ask a model to have sex with him before receiving services, or to ask to have sex with him even if he is already working at that agency in order to receive services. An accompanying model, escort, provides a service to clients and receives a payment, with the manager they agree on a monetary or economic payment, no sexual relations as blackmail to be able to work.

Modelos|VIP|texto abuso|Bogota
Modelos|VIP|texto abuso|Bogota

The services must be 100% consensual, read it here or enter the blog with more topics

Declaration of one case among many.

Unfortunately, another model was deceived and offended in her job search. Over the course of two months, she had to live through deception by the manager of an agency who asked to have sex with him beforehand before sending him services. Guess who did not appear again, who disappeared and did not write to the model, that person abused the trust that the model had placed in him to work.

Like any other worker looking for an opportunity, he applied to another agency, and the first thing he asked after seeing the model's profile was to have sex with him. The message was direct: “when I try you” and if she did not agree, he was not going to send her escort services, either 'x' happens or 'y' does not happen, we repeat, be careful with disguised abusers.

Among the obscene messages that he told her if it was of any use to her, he repeated “I fuck you, you're rich” and the model made the decision not to work with that person, take care of herself and avoid feeling further denigrated. An accompanying model is a person who has the right to decide for herself. It shouldn't be because feeling “bad, denigrated, humiliated” is disrespectful on the part of the person who claims to be the one who will get services for her, so who will be the people who can be around this person?

If a person's financial need is difficult and they decide to work as an escort, we first recommend avoiding any agency that asks to have sexual relations with someone from the agency in order to work. The abuse will not stop if you agree to degrading requests from these types of agencies. malicious, if they propose that to you, it is better to look for a safe option.

Our model tells you “look calmly, do not trust if they tell you a lot of things because they can harm you” if they paint birds in the air it is better to stop for a second and ask someone you trust completely.

Encounters VIP committed to Colombian models and escorts. If you have questions or concerns you can contact us through our published means. At Encounters you will be part of a staff that takes care of you and supports you with security and integrity.

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