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Five hearts, Five stars

On the path to growth, the Encounters VIP modeling agency implements new ways so that everyone can enjoy better service.

Encounters| VIP| Mujer labios rojos dedo cara| Bogotá

The models who are with the best modeling agency in Bogotá and Colombia are willing to provide better treatment every day and create a perfect experience for clients and for themselves. In the search to continue improving, a way has been implemented for clients to rate the models.

Van a ver las estrellas y los corazones van a latir más con You will see the stars and your hearts will beat more with the five that you will be able to find in each profile of our Colombian escorts. They have a profile where they describe their way of being and everything they want to do with you. There are the measurements, age, and price so that they can hire many services and spend spectacular moments with them.

And after having a delicious, spectacular time, reaching the limit Encounters VIP wants to know how the service was, because only the best are in the top escort agency in Bogotá. Customers with this option have the option to express if they had any inconvenience or if the service was not what they had contracted.

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Only the best

Encounters| VIP | Mujer vestido rojo corazon rojo| Bogotá

All the models who provide their escort service through Encounters VIP know that performance must be impeccable and that the details are what ultimately make the difference. The services will be counted annually and the rating with five hearts, five stars will correspond to excellence over time, the model that is rated negatively until losing hearts will no longer belong to Encounters VIP, with a bad rating she may lose one or more hearts. Everything to improve, for the models it will be a way to know how to improve, if they should change something to improve their service such as punctuality, hygiene, service compliance, personal treatment, girlfriend treatment, fun.

Not only will you be able to find the photos, additional services and how each person likes to be treated, but you will also see the experience and that the services are provided by the best. You like me? how much? Rate the models with respect to what was hired, Encounters VIP, the best escort agency in Bogotá and Colombia, improves for everyone.

Can they recover the hearts? As long as the following three services are perfect, 10 out of 10, five out of five hearts and you will be able to continue in the modeling agency that seeks to fulfill wishes and be 100% real.

Go to EncountersVIP and learn about all the models and services there are to take advantage of.

Encounters| VIP| Codigo Qr| Bogotá

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