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An idea, the smallest wish is fulfilled.

The welcome and excellence letter is presented by the girls who decide to work through Encounters VIP.

Encounters| VIP | Charla mujer y hombre| Bogotá

The ideal between users and models is respect throughout the process, from the moment each one decides to take the service. The magnificent thing about the meetings held with us is the tranquility and perfection from before they meet.

Each one waits for the call to confirm where someone will be behind a door for the appointment. At any moment the agreed date, place, time, agreed wishes, agreed user and model arrive; and from there they think with what clothes and what color will be best for the occasion, white or black, red, green, heels, shoes, boots and of course the best perfume for both of them.

The smallest detail matters, an idea, the smallest wish is fulfilled

Both arrive at the agreed time, with lust on the surface, the nerves of seeing that person as on a first date or the most desired date for a long time, they want everything to be perfect so they can wish for that moment to be repeated again. and again.

Encounters| VIP | Mujer hombre cerca al beso| Bogotá

If everyone's wishes come true, they will dance and sing to the rhythm of the wish.

Users like models communicate with us because of the transparency of the process and professional quality. The foundation of the company is due and replicated in each person who is part of the company, both models, users and the Encounters VIP team agree to comply.

Encounters VIP works so that everyone meets the bases to satisfy the greatest desires of lust in an unforgettable way.

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