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Top brand unites you with your desires.

2022 is coming to an end but with good news for everyone, the Encounters VIP family is ready to continue connecting models with users.

Encounters|VIP| Mujer dorada sentada| Bogotá

We offer and have the capacity so that everyone can be part of pleasant and exciting moments in complete confidence. The models who join us know that they have a team that takes care of them from their first call, they have the guarantees to resolve any questions through any of our means of communication.

Our way of working offers all the guarantees and requirements: STD exams, total confidentiality, quality, the model arrives and payment method at the end. Top brand unites you with your desires.

Our website offers a place for all models who want to be part of our family and are interested in meeting our users. When the model contacts us, she knows that she will have an exclusive space for her and her interests, with respectful and clear support. We are a brand that wants to continue growing hand in hand with models and our users as a TOP agency that offers a space for adults.

Encounters|VIP| Mujer dorada recostada en silla| Bogotá

The website offers the cover of the model and the services that users can freely consult to detail, ask and schedule an appointment through Encounters VIP. The photos, services and description are made with the help of professionals.

Those who have contacted for a service know that the girl they ask for is the one who arrives, the atmosphere, the trust and tranquility of having what was agreed will be there. Through the official media of WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram you can have all the information to spend the best moments with your ideal girl.

Models and clients meet our family's ideals: respect, freedom, equality, honesty, trust along with intimate communication, sensuality and desire. What happens in Encounters VIP stays in Encounters VIP.

Encounters|VIP| Mujer dorada sexy en silla| Bogotá

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