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Sensual expression grows in Colombia

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Colombia, a country where sexuality and sensuality make sense in the world of art, writing and on the Internet.

Artists have recreated the sensuality of men and women, and cities. Karen Lamassone, who painted, photographed the imagined, the fantastic and the surreal of the city of Cali between the 70s and 80s using her body and that of friends who allowed her to bend the bodies to impregnate them on the canvases in the middle of the hard and hot streets of the then called Caliwood. With another look, an artist named Fernando Botero decided to opt for the shapes of the body because “they produce a special excitement when looking at a painting”.

With the changes that the ways of representing art bring come new ways of identifying sensuality and sexuality, a search is visualized for people to identify the body as a place of expression and exercise of autonomy and power.

Colombia has been a participant in artistic expressions such as 'Deseo, an exhibition about love, sex and lust' that was held in Medellín in 2018 with the participation of 18 artists with the aim of normalizing the concepts of pleasure, love, sex and desire are part of being human. And in Bogotá, in 2016, in the Plaza de Bolívar, the Artist Spencer Tunick gathered more than six thousand people to get naked for one of his photographs.

This year, 2022, one of the ways of expressing sensuality and working with the body could be carried out. The Lexpo, after being postponed and having changed venues twice, took place in July in the city of Cali, Colombia. The world of pornography and webcam models managed to have a space to demonstrate that Colombia is one of the countries that can continue to increase and demonstrate that the body, sensuality, sexuality, love and desire are an intrinsic part of people..

There are different ways to demonstrate sensuality, to take advantage and demonstrate that bodies are made not to contain but to protect all the potential they have intellectually and sexually. Sensual Expression grows in Colombia.

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