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Malicious people closed us down

The Encounters VIP family regrets that in recent days Instagram closed our profile, and the work of a year approaching you through this medium is suspended without an explanation from the social network. We are aware that there are restrictions on the content that can be published, and we do not violate the conditions in which no image, video or audio was shown explicit content.

Encounters| VIP| Mujer frente a pc| Bogotá

Malicious people closed us and more than 3 thousand followers knew that Encounters VIP is a company dedicated to connecting people with a common interest, sharing pleasant, joyful and exciting moments. We are an agency focused on improving the quality of our services every day. Ensuring the safety of our models and clients.

We are going to make you aware of all our work and our way of working through this platform in a better way, with more information and better content for you who are part of our company. You can follow us again and stay connected with us through this link or with our QR.

Encounters|VIP| Codigo Qr| Bogotá

Encounters VIP

Our WhatsApp and Telegram channels remain the same 313 3349617 - 322 7634200

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