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Love, from Mono to Poly

Who could dare to say what love is like? Who dares to define love? Only the most daring allow themselves to talk about love, only those who decide to love know what it feels like to love and it is those who learned to love who knew the virtues and misfortunes of love.

Whoever has not felt love should cast the first stone.

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The body and sexuality are a set of feelings, experiences and manifestations through which we express desires between two or more people, and can be united in the word 'love'.

In the following publications we will talk about what it is to be a swinger, open relationships and other expressions of sexuality. Stay tuned for our next articles.

Loving one person or loving several people.

Monogamy is loving one person all your life and living by your side for life, a conception of a way of living love and sexuality. The couple can only have sexual relations between themselves, it is an exclusivity if not it is a deception, they cheat on the other if one member of the couple relates to an outside person. Love, from Mono to Poly

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Today there are many tendencies of love, and therefore of loving, now we can decide if we love one person or several and live with them. Sexuality and affection can be experienced with several people at the same time without having moral repercussions.

Now yes, who hasn't loved more than one person at a time? Who has not felt desires for another person, loving another? Or Who decides what a loving, emotional and sexual relationship is like?

But polyamory is not polygamy, polygamy is a man married to several women or a woman married to several men. Now that we know what polygamy is, let's go to polyamory. We ourselves can decide how we want to live our sexuality and our love.

Before it was impossible to admit that you wanted to be with someone other than your partner, now, a relationship of more than two people can talk and reach agreements. Emotional, affective and sexual ties can be defined between the members. Three or more people have a commitment of emotional and sexual fidelity to each other.

There are three types of polyamory, the first called hierarchical, which is having one person with whom you express yourself more intensely and the other people are secondary. Normally this type of polyamory restricts emotional involvement with secondary ones. The second is Polyfidelity, having intimate or sexual relationships only with a group of people, outside of these it is not allowed.

And the third most liberal, Relational Anarchy, which consists of having no restrictions and can relate as they want with other specific people, but I know how in all of them it was based on consensus. The construction of polyamory is the growth and increase of emotional relationships, a couple of two decides to integrate another person into their relationship in the same way as they decided at the beginning to be two, they decide to be three or four or five. Each member decides to be part of polyamory.

The seriousness of loving and having sex with those people who decided to join remains with commitment and respect.

There is deception in polyamory if they do not comply with agreements such as defining the use of condoms, with some or not with others. Communication of encounters, it is important for members to know who you are dating, even to know if they have feelings for a new person, etc.

In the following video you will find ways in which polyamory is found and draws polyamory among those who practice it.

Lucky is the person who experiences love and knows what it means in its purest essence, in turn lives it as he feels it and expresses it as he desires.

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