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Liner, balloon, cover, rubber: condom

Only in Colombia there are several ways to say condom, and among groups of friends, acquaintances, you can have a juicy conversation and the best thing is that there are textures, colors and special characteristics that a word can create a long, hot and safe conversation.

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Let's start with flavored and scented condoms. If you haven't tried them before, it would be a good way to make sex more fun and interesting. There are flavors of strawberry, orange, banana, apple, bubblegum, pineapple and many more that you can try and carry in your bags, suitcases, pockets in case the occasion arises. Something fun is to play to guess the flavor of the condom and if you want you can learn to put it on without using your hands.

Textured, you can find them in any pharmacy or store, there is double pleasure, for those who put them on and those who receive them. The textures can be points, lines in different shapes to increase vaginal or anal stimulation, wherever you want to use it. If you want to experience something less commercial, there are the so-called covers, with more obvious textures and offer greater pleasure.

Others are lubricated condoms, with delays, for the G spot, ultra thin, and they all have in common that they are to prevent pregnancies, avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and have a full sexual life safely. Liner, balloon, cover, rubber, condom: condom

Stealthing, don't take it off

Unfortunately, some people, due to beliefs of masculinity or sexual sensations, do not like to use condoms and force the recipient to have sexual relations without a condom, and there are those who, without prior notice or consent, remove the condom.

There are cases where the person who puts on the condom takes it off without consent, that is, in the middle of the sexual act he stops using the condom and continues penetrating the other person, the one receiving it, this is called Stealthing and in In several countries it is judged as a crime of a sexual nature that threatens sexual freedom and in Colombia the bill seeks that those who engage in this practice in the middle of intercourse have a sentence of two to four years in prison.

The bill names Chile, the US, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom as countries that have taken action on cases of Stealthig, translated into Spanish "sigilosamente" or "sigilosiando".

The bill seeks to ensure that all people, men or women, are guaranteed protection against sexual abuse; rape will be treated in the same way, whether against a spouse or any other victim. In a study of 626 men, "10% of participants agreed to have removed their condom without consent at some point since they were 14 years old, with an average of 3.62 times."

And with the testimony of Alexandra Brodsky, a researcher at the National Women's Law Center in the United States, she wants to reflect that "it feels like a violation of trust and a denial of autonomy, not very different from a rape." The project has already been approved in the House of Representatives unanimously and is going to the second plenary debate of the House.

Consent to use a condom is very important to lead a full sexual life and if one of you does not want to use a condom, there are ways to reach an agreement and not harm or affect the other person. If you want without a condom, you must first inform it and everyone will have a better time, richer and more eager to repeat it.

EncountersVIP taking care of your sexual health and safety.

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If you want to listen a little more you can go to this podcast on Spotify and learn a little more about Stealthing:

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