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Health, care and exams

The only effects to feel and express with all sensuality and pleasure are the orgasms that the body feels.

Encounters| VIP | Globos y mujer sexy| Bogotá

Safety and sexual health are the priority of Encounters VIP. The entire work team is focused on ensuring that both girls and clients have all the necessary conditions to spend the best intimate moments. The Encounters VIP girls must undergo tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and STDs every three months to verify and take care of themselves and the clients they serve.

When the client contacts the company, they must be clear that they have the guarantee of obtaining a complete service and with total security, that is, the relationships offered are only with condoms, as well as the exclusivity and anonymity to carry out their greatest desires.

Likewise, it is important that all people monitor and take care of STDs; the entire responsibility lies with those who decide to have sexual relations, whether with or without a condom, to carry out any sexual practice calmly and safely.

They can go to the EPS, Profamilia or private laboratories that perform STD detection tests and there they can also ask any questions to clarify doubts about risks, control and management.

Given any motivation on the part of the client to choose to have sex without a condom, that is, naturally, they must be clear that Encounters VIP does not offer this service. It is under their responsibility if the client talks to the girl and they have relations without this care, in the same way if the client has direct contact through messages or any other means with a girl, since Encounters VIP does not offer this service.

Encounters| VIP | Globos y mujeres sexy| Bogotá

On the other hand, if a girl offers sex without a condom, the client has the right and duty to immediately notify the Encounters VIP team to take the corresponding actions. Taking care of her and the girls is the most important thing for Encounters VIP and thus contribute to the care and growth of our company of escort girls. Health, care and exams.

For more information, contact the Encounters VIP team by Whatsapp, Instagram or the chat located on our website .

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