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Encounters VIP

10 of March of 2023

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The Encounters VIP team announces to all people related to our company that with inaccurate information it is trying to deceive our team to waste our team's time, and more importantly that of the requested model.

Therefore, the Encounters VIP team will take precautionary measures and greater control of service confirmation, the verification of the service will be more strict for the safety of the models and to avoid inconveniences.


  • Through invoices from a telephone, internet and TV service company, they confirmed the service, with real information; apparently the information of another person and another apartment.

  • The call and support of the national police was present to register the case and have evidence of the false information provided.

  • Encounters VIP is a company established with all the guarantees for the effective and care of users and models, which is why the support of the national police was carried out in a short time, and thus maintain calm and have the case in legal hands.

  • To the creators of such falsehoods, we offer a simple message: STOP DOING IT. Sharing inaccurate information is wrong and harmful.

We apologize to the model who was involved in these inconveniences and we announce to all people related to Encounters VIP that measures will be taken to increase security and peace of mind for future services. Encounters VIP will continue to take care of the identity of the models as well as the users. Models and users have an entire team to resolve any concerns through our communication channels.

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