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Do they interfere against Encounters VIP?

Recently, the main social networks of Encounters VIP and its team have been suspended, closed or blocked without reasons given to their administrators or owners.

Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp belong to the same company, Meta, open and constantly moving accounts with publications and interaction with the community that had problems without being able to resolve. Without knowing, specifically, the reasons or if people who do not agree have tried to interfere with our work. We remind all users who followed us or communicated through any of these means that there is a new Instagram and other means of direct communication with Encounters VIP.

Encounters| VIP | Mujer hombre de espaldas| Bogotá

Our approach is to provide all the necessary information respectfully without violating the rules of these social networks. Each publication is prepared with great care to transmit a clear message on the topics of greatest interest such as women and the rapprochement between models and our users.

The growth of Encounters VIP led by a duly selected team and happy users with the best intentions of being with us due to the quality and way of work offered, the service will continue to improve for both models and users. They interfere against Encouters VIP but they will not prevent us from continuing to grow.

On our main page you will find direct links to communicate with our company team, enter our community and share with us on social networks and learn more about the best company dedicated to connecting ladies with users.

Encounters| VIP | Instagram| Bogotá

Follow us.

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