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100% Consensual service

Due to recent events that occurred to our models in which clients have been involved, Encounters VIP remembers that any service offered by the model is consensual.

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The models, working in association with Encounters VIP, can offer additional services for a cost that they propose, these services are not mandatory, the models are not obliged to do so if they do not want to, this is in favor of respect for the integrity of the model.

Clients have the opportunity to request the services that are offered by the company and the models and likewise, clients and models have the right to reach agreements before and during the appointment, all based on “Sexual Rights.” and Reproductive Rights” whose purpose is to guarantee that all people can live free of discrimination, risks, threats, coercion and violence in the field of sexuality and reproduction.


1.We clarify that if the additional service is not performed, there is no charge.

2.The basic accompaniment service contracted initially must be carried out as a commitment for having taken the accompaniment.

3. The model is not obliged to perform the additional service if she does not want.

4. The additional service, if agreed and accepted, is carried out under sanitary conditions, without risking the health of the models and clients.

5. Additional services are offered by each model.

Due to incidents in which clients requested and forced escorts to perform certain services under threat of accusing them of the company for not fulfilling their desire at the time, we remind our community that Encounters VIP protects the right to respect sexual intimacy. and confidentiality, as well as the right to have a free, safe and pleasurable sexual life for our clients and models. 100% consensual service.

Any person who disrespects or fails to comply with the values ​​of Encounters VIP may be sanctioned by the company.

Encounters VIP reserves the rights of admission.

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