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Hello, my name is Jade, I'm a beautiful and exotic woman. I'm 21 years old. I've got an spectacular body, very long black hair, very provocative and wet lips that you will want to kiss and an impressive look. I am a sexy and pleasant girl, I would like to make you feel comfortable and have a very good conversation. I am very affectionate I love to kiss, caress and pamper you until you get excited and make you reach the limit of lust come contact me and I will make you enjoy a great moment.

150 USD
300 USD

One hour service
three hours of service

  • Sex with a condom

  • Oral sex with a condom

  • Condoms

  • Home service

  • And more importantly, a girlfriend treatment, caressing kisses. Remember you are hiring a BRIDE

Additional services


You can pay in cash when the girl arrives, or the following means of payment

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