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  • We renew our website for you

    On May 23, EncountersVIP launched its new website so that everyone can navigate easier and enjoy the new features., the home of the best models who are there to create the moments of your life, gives it a new image in which you can learn about all the accompanying benefits we have. You will find all the models that are with us in Bogotá and Colombia. You will be able to find the most beautiful woman with the best experience to offer you a five-star service. The models like to be close and if you prefer to see them by video for time or for some other reason EncountersVIP has video calls, you can contact our team directly to schedule the appointment and see the model through Skype. The only thing you need to do is confirm the model's availability, pay and start the video call. Tip: the models that offer the video calling service have a webcam icon in their file. VIP models have a plus in their services and you can find them in the section dedicated to them for standing out among the models. And if you are a client you will become a diamond, you will be able to enjoy more information about the models, foreigners have the option of becoming a diamond by paying an amount. For the security of the identity of our models, we prefer to take delicate care of who accesses EncountersVIP services. In the same way that clients will have the security of their identity. Tall, brown, voluptuous, thin? You can more easily find the type of woman you want to accompany you, now we have a filter system with size, language, hair color, oral sex and other more specific ones such as oral, submission or footjob among others for that moment that you will want to repeat. House recommendations At EncountersVIP we care about the entire experience and that is why we bring you hotels and motels that have everything you need, scroll or scroll down the page and you will see the options with your exact location, website and telephone number. If you have any questions, we have two spaces to resolve doubts, some of which can be resolved in FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions and if your question is not resolved, you can contact our team through the chat available below in the balloon-shaped right corner, right there you have the option to open a chat on WhatsApp and your questions will be resolved as soon as our team can. EncountersVIP has a blog where it frequently publishes information related to the company, sexual topics and many more so that you can read in a few minutes. And if you want to schedule with us, you can send all the information in a button that will display a short list to inform our team and contact you.

  • Hat with keys to be a swinger

    The privacy of four people who decided to exchange partners regardless of the voices against them that have been heard since the 50s. Being a swinger means having a stable partner and with an agreement to have sexual encounters with other couples. The number one rule of all ways of living sexuality is agreement between people. Swingers decide to share sexual moments with other couples, they are not orgies or threesomes, much less that one of the two has relations with another person other than the couple without their consent. During the Cold War, a sexual game arose that consisted of soldiers traveling to military bases and having a female partner, leaving the keys to the hotel room inside a hat while the women waited in the room, those who participated, without seeing , they took out any key and the exchange of partners occurred. Over time this practice was taken by hippie culture and converted into a more equitable exchange of partners, the man and the woman decided with whom to have sexual relations. At present there is not only one way to meet swinger couples, the most common way was in bars and clubs, now there are applications that allow you to search for other people who want the same thing. There are bars, clubs, where stable couples decide to go to have a good time and there is an orgy between them all, but being a swinger is a couple with another couple. Between the four people they decide how it will be and where. Ways for sexual relations: Basic exchange: the man with the woman of the other couple and the woman with the man of the other couple, the man with the other man and the woman with the other woman. Two decide to watch: two people have sex while the other two watch them. With or without penetration: there does not necessarily have to be penetration for it to be an exchange, it can consist of giving or receiving only oral sex or only touching. If you agree how and where, you agree on protection methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. It is better to take care of yourself than to cure yourself, if there is a cure. Another very important issue is to separate the sexual act from romantic emotions, no gifts or signs of tenderness, words of affection and no kisses because they are considered by some to be a unique sign as a couple, remember that they are stable couples. They are still a couple Swinging is a practice that can fuel sexuality between a couple, it cannot become the only way to have sex, it must continue the intimacy of the two people like any other couple. Romanticism, sexuality, trust between the couple must be the basis so that attraction and eroticism continue to be part of the two and that exchanging partners is a plus, adding to the relationship. If you want to know places to start living sexuality in a different way, leave your comment or let us know by message.

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