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  • Love, from Mono to Poly

    Who could dare to say what love is like? Who dares to define love? Only the most daring allow themselves to talk about love, only those who decide to love know what it feels like to love and it is those who learned to love who knew the virtues and misfortunes of love. Whoever has not felt love should cast the first stone. The body and sexuality are a set of feelings, experiences and manifestations through which we express desires between two or more people, and can be united in the word 'love'. In the following publications we will talk about what it is to be a swinger, open relationships and other expressions of sexuality. Stay tuned for our next articles. Loving one person or loving several people. Monogamy is loving one person all your life and living by your side for life, a conception of a way of living love and sexuality. The couple can only have sexual relations between themselves, it is an exclusivity if not it is a deception, they cheat on the other if one member of the couple relates to an outside person. Love, from Mono to Poly Today there are many tendencies of love, and therefore of loving, now we can decide if we love one person or several and live with them. Sexuality and affection can be experienced with several people at the same time without having moral repercussions. Now yes, who hasn't loved more than one person at a time? Who has not felt desires for another person, loving another? Or Who decides what a loving, emotional and sexual relationship is like? But polyamory is not polygamy, polygamy is a man married to several women or a woman married to several men. Now that we know what polygamy is, let's go to polyamory. We ourselves can decide how we want to live our sexuality and our love. Before it was impossible to admit that you wanted to be with someone other than your partner, now, a relationship of more than two people can talk and reach agreements. Emotional, affective and sexual ties can be defined between the members. Three or more people have a commitment of emotional and sexual fidelity to each other. There are three types of polyamory, the first called hierarchical, which is having one person with whom you express yourself more intensely and the other people are secondary. Normally this type of polyamory restricts emotional involvement with secondary ones. The second is Polyfidelity, having intimate or sexual relationships only with a group of people, outside of these it is not allowed. And the third most liberal, Relational Anarchy, which consists of having no restrictions and can relate as they want with other specific people, but I know how in all of them it was based on consensus. The construction of polyamory is the growth and increase of emotional relationships, a couple of two decides to integrate another person into their relationship in the same way as they decided at the beginning to be two, they decide to be three or four or five. Each member decides to be part of polyamory. The seriousness of loving and having sex with those people who decided to join remains with commitment and respect. There is deception in polyamory if they do not comply with agreements such as defining the use of condoms, with some or not with others. Communication of encounters, it is important for members to know who you are dating, even to know if they have feelings for a new person, etc. In the following video you will find ways in which polyamory is found and draws polyamory among those who practice it. Lucky is the person who experiences love and knows what it means in its purest essence, in turn lives it as he feels it and expresses it as he desires. Follow us on Instagram

  • Five hearts, Five stars

    On the path to growth, the Encounters VIP modeling agency implements new ways so that everyone can enjoy better service. The models who are with the best modeling agency in Bogotá and Colombia are willing to provide better treatment every day and create a perfect experience for clients and for themselves. In the search to continue improving, a way has been implemented for clients to rate the models. Van a ver las estrellas y los corazones van a latir más con You will see the stars and your hearts will beat more with the five that you will be able to find in each profile of our Colombian escorts. They have a profile where they describe their way of being and everything they want to do with you. There are the measurements, age, and price so that they can hire many services and spend spectacular moments with them. And after having a delicious, spectacular time, reaching the limit Encounters VIP wants to know how the service was, because only the best are in the top escort agency in Bogotá. Customers with this option have the option to express if they had any inconvenience or if the service was not what they had contracted. Visit the main page of our Blog, You can find more articles about our modeling agency such as An idea, the smallest wish comes true.. Only the best All the models who provide their escort service through Encounters VIP know that performance must be impeccable and that the details are what ultimately make the difference. The services will be counted annually and the rating with five hearts, five stars will correspond to excellence over time, the model that is rated negatively until losing hearts will no longer belong to Encounters VIP, with a bad rating she may lose one or more hearts. Everything to improve, for the models it will be a way to know how to improve, if they should change something to improve their service such as punctuality, hygiene, service compliance, personal treatment, girlfriend treatment, fun. Not only will you be able to find the photos, additional services and how each person likes to be treated, but you will also see the experience and that the services are provided by the best. You like me? how much? Rate the models with respect to what was hired, Encounters VIP, the best escort agency in Bogotá and Colombia, improves for everyone. Can they recover the hearts? As long as the following three services are perfect, 10 out of 10, five out of five hearts and you will be able to continue in the modeling agency that seeks to fulfill wishes and be 100% real. Go to EncountersVIP and learn about all the models and services there are to take advantage of. Follow us on Instagram.

  • Sex in the zodiac

    In the world of sex you will always see at least two people who feel it and experience it differently. There are ways to know a little more without asking many questions. Each person is governed by a zodiac sign because they were born on a specific day and month in the year. It is interesting to know that similar connections are shared by belonging to a sign. Encounters VIP brings a list of the six signs of the zodiac that can help you get to know the models who provide their escort service in Colombia. The benefits of knowing each person's sign can become an experience of pleasure that you didn't know about, and even more so if you want to fulfill some fantasies. Meet all the models on and have the opportunity to have a pleasure experience. The signs and sex in the zodiac may be more compatible with some than with others in bed, but there will always be something more than the connection between signs, both know what they are going for and the best thing is that it will be a 100% real service. Aries is most compatible with Leo, Taurus and Aquarius. Taurus is most compatible with Leo, Capricorn and Taurus. Gemini is most compatible with Leo and Aquarius. Cancer is most compatible with Leo and Taurus. Leo is most compatible with Aries, Cancer and Sagittarius. Virgo is most compatible with Sagittarius and Virgo. Libra is most compatible with Taurus and Gemini. Scorpio is most compatible with Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus. Sagittarius is most compatible with Aries, Leo and Virgo. Capricorn is most compatible with Capricorn and Scorpio. Aquarius is most compatible with Aquarius and Libra. Pisces is most compatible with Taurus and Cancer. Follow us on Instagram.

  • We are Prestige

    In 2022, Encounters VIP was crowned winner of the Prestige Awards in the "Adult Entertainment" category. Prestige Awards recognizes companies that during the year are among the best in the market in which they operate. It is recognized by the results and opinions given by clients. It must be impeccable work to be among the nominees. "The panel of judges base their decisions on areas such as service excellence, quality of the product or service provided, innovative practices, value, ethical or sustainable work methods, as well as consistency in performance," each year they give recognition in different business fields and Adult Entertainment is one of them. Based in England, they make the call so that companies can register and be evaluated through accreditations, recognition in the country of origin and comments from their clientele determine the winner. “During the awards process, we invited more than 100,000 companies and corporate professionals, magazine contributors and our subscribers to nominate companies and individuals,” all under the concept of Osmaan Mahmood, founder and CEO of the Prestige Awards who believes in companies with a personalized service approach that is often a segment absent in international organizations. In 2022 Encounters VIP was the winner in Adult Entertainment and became the best company with the best people who provide personalized attention, quality, work methods and excellent performance during the year, which proudly allows say "we are Prestige". TAll winners are featured in the celebratory awards magazine, published digitally as well as in print, distributed to Prestige subscribers around the world. In 2023 we have worked to improve and advance much more in the adult industry. The models and the Encounters VIP team are united to give 110% so that everything is better every day. About Encounters VIP Encounters VIP is the leading agency in escort services and luxury scorts in Bogotá. With an exclusive focus on providing unmatched experiences, we are the preferred choice for those seeking sophisticated and memorable companionship by Colombian escorts, selected by Colombians and foreigners. Our team of VIP escorts and models in Bogotá has been meticulously selected to represent perfection in beauty, elegance and charm. Each of our escorts is a unique combination of captivating physical attractiveness and social skills. We understand the individual needs and desires of our clients. Whether you are looking for a companion for an elegant dinner, a social event or an intimate experience, our escorts are prepared to meet your most demanding expectations. We value the privacy and confidentiality of our clients at Encounters VIP. You can trust your personal data and the experiences with our escorts will be kept absolutely secret. Meet all our models at Encounters VIP and read all the news we bring to you on our blog

  • Beware of disguised abusers

    Models are exposed to abuse and harassment from hundreds of people who seek to use them for their personal purposes. Women, be more careful with people who take advantage of your social status or economic power to impose their desires. The world of escort service is exposed to the mercy of people who do not know and do not understand what work means and that every performance of a job requires a set of quality demands and values. Those who have the most responsibility are those with a position with which they give instructions for others to carry out, without excluding anyone, everyone deserves respect and timely payment for their tasks. Abuse is abuse Workers who use their bodies to live, or to earn extra income, are in a world where their job is to please their clients with their beauty and physical skills. Escorts must take care of themselves very carefully, and looking carefully at the people they work with can have consequences for their physical and mental health. Working with your body in a sexual manner is legal in Colombia as long as it is carried out of free will and without any type of pressure. No person can force, blackmail, abuse, or take advantage of an accompanying model because it immediately violates dignity. human rights, the right to work and more, it is a crime to exercise any type of violence against another person. Sexual violence. There is a line between working with your body and receiving any type of sexual abuse for being an escort model. Sex work is income-generating work, a service that is paid for, and all people who work in this field have rights. If a man or woman decides to work as a companion, he should not allow himself to be treated like merchandise, handled like an object. No, it is not normal for an agency manager to ask a model to have sex with him before receiving services, or to ask to have sex with him even if he is already working at that agency in order to receive services. An accompanying model, escort, provides a service to clients and receives a payment, with the manager they agree on a monetary or economic payment, no sexual relations as blackmail to be able to work. The services must be 100% consensual, read it here or enter the blog with more topics Declaration of one case among many. Unfortunately, another model was deceived and offended in her job search. Over the course of two months, she had to live through deception by the manager of an agency who asked to have sex with him beforehand before sending him services. Guess who did not appear again, who disappeared and did not write to the model, that person abused the trust that the model had placed in him to work. Like any other worker looking for an opportunity, he applied to another agency, and the first thing he asked after seeing the model's profile was to have sex with him. The message was direct: “when I try you” and if she did not agree, he was not going to send her escort services, either 'x' happens or 'y' does not happen, we repeat, be careful with disguised abusers. Among the obscene messages that he told her if it was of any use to her, he repeated “I fuck you, you're rich” and the model made the decision not to work with that person, take care of herself and avoid feeling further denigrated. An accompanying model is a person who has the right to decide for herself. It shouldn't be because feeling “bad, denigrated, humiliated” is disrespectful on the part of the person who claims to be the one who will get services for her, so who will be the people who can be around this person? If a person's financial need is difficult and they decide to work as an escort, we first recommend avoiding any agency that asks to have sexual relations with someone from the agency in order to work. The abuse will not stop if you agree to degrading requests from these types of agencies. malicious, if they propose that to you, it is better to look for a safe option. Our model tells you “look calmly, do not trust if they tell you a lot of things because they can harm you” if they paint birds in the air it is better to stop for a second and ask someone you trust completely. Encounters VIP committed to Colombian models and escorts. If you have questions or concerns you can contact us through our published means. At Encounters you will be part of a staff that takes care of you and supports you with security and integrity.

  • For a childhood at home

    Minors are exposed to mafia networks that threaten their safety. Colombia and the world have support networks for families and Encounters VIP joins the purpose of a safe childhood. Recent statistics show that every year eight million children disappear in the world and that the main risks for them are ending up in the hands of unscrupulous people who abuse and control. Colombia is a country affected by this phenomenon due to the presence of guerrillas, poverty and criminal gangs that exist throughout the territory that have links with others in the world. In Colombia, 2020 left an average of 4 minors missing per day. In total there were 1,579 minors, 811 appeared alive and there is no information about the remaining 758. According to Forensic Medicine reports, in 2019 there were 2,392 missing minors, but the reduction was due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, not due to protection measures by the State. In the world there are different help and support networks for families and minors who suffer or suffered from this scourge of life. Colombia is part of different organizations with the coordination of the Alliance for Colombian Children for a Childhood at Home. The oldest and largest organization is SOS Children's Villages, which has a presence in 135 countries, others are Agencia PANDI, Children International and Fundación CINDE among others that work in different sectors to help minors and the affected population around them. Commitment to minors One of the international organizations that helps and provides a service to find missing children in the United States and the world is the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children located in the United States. Collaboration with the community, police, families and private industry allows us to prevent kidnappings, recover children and provide services to deter and combat child exploitation. ¨All children deserve a safe childhood¨ is the National Center slogan which Encounters VIP shares and for which it wants to invite all people to contribute from the knowledge of this reality. In international and national organizations there is documentation to be aware of how to proceed in the event of a disappearance, and a point that is repeated is, it is not necessary to wait between 24 and 48 hours to report the disappearance of the minor, if the entire The minor's behavior indicates that it is something abnormal, so he or she must report it to the authorities so that the search and help mechanisms are immediately activated. The causes related to disappearances can arise from the family nucleus itself. One of the parents takes the minor, even out of the country without the permission of the other. The minor voluntarily leaves home, foster family or institution. Kidnapping by strangers which may be to ask for ransom or to use the minor in child exploitation, illegal adoption networks, child labor and even sale of organs. Due to natural disasters. We are Prestige, a prominent agency in Colombia and recommended by the same models and clients, read it here or enter the blog with more topics Agreements related to the disappearance of minors –Hague Convention of October 25, 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction: the removal of a child by one of the parents abroad is considered unlawful if it is committed in violation of custody rights (in France, parental authority) recognized by the other parent, or any other institution or organization, by the law of the State in which the minor lived before his disappearance. – Article 18, paragraph 1 of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child: states that the parties will make every effort to ensure recognition of the principle that both parents have common obligations in the upbringing and development of the child. Parents or, where applicable, legal representatives, have the primary responsibility for the upbringing and development of the child. The best interests of the child will be the fundamental concern. – Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights: Everyone has the right to respect for their private and family life, their home and correspondence. Encounters VIP committed to the safety and life of minors in Colombia and the world.

  • Non-traditional couples

    Love evolves and couples take different paths than traditional ones to stay together. Today brings new ways to share and experiment with confidence and affection. A monogamous couple focuses more on exclusivity between the two people and in some cases it can overwhelm and break up the relationship. The new generations and the information they have at hand through technology have made people interact and speak differently, couples have dared to challenge traditional monogamous behavior and have found ways to maintain a relationship between two people with variations, Now there are non-traditional couples looking for a companion. Couples request service There are two of us, but how about we add someone for one night? Experimenting every day becomes easier with the right person, and yes, it is easier and safer to be with someone new with all the toys if you look in the right place. Encounters VIP is for everyone who wants to have new moments of pleasure that they had not thought could happen. For those who want to take a leap in their couple's sexuality, there is the option of a service with one of the VIP models that pleases those fetishes that remain secret. The fantasy of some is to watch while the couple touches and kisses the other, or the desire of both is for all three to actively participate in bed. In real life we ​​like some things and there are others that do not allow us to be free and take much more work. At Encounters VIP, between the two of you, you can choose the VIP model that most attracts you. You will be safe in sharing with a woman who knows what she is about and who will listen to your requests so that it is a safe, pleasant, comfortable and fluid, a pleasurable experience. The best way to have a threesome is always communication and security, and for the couple to have a better time, we recommend that they have safe words that will help them communicate more easily if there is something uncomfortable and be able to continue with the trio. The words should be different from "yes" or "no", it can be "peach" or "giraffe", the important thing is that the couple knows what it means. The importance of condom use, a condom for each person who is going to be penetrated. The services must be 100% consensual, read it here or enter the blog with more topicss Open relationship More trust means more time spent together and relationships may choose to allow both parties to have sexual encounters with other people without the intention of maintaining emotional ties. Both with a clear and conscious agreement. With a stable partner, emotional commitment is maintained, but freedom is given to have sexual encounters. Some couples decide that they can only have sexual relations with another person once and that it does not happen again, one person once or if they want between the couple they can repeat it without generating emotional ties. Hybrid couples One member of the couple is monogamous and the other has sexual relations with others. Both respect the needs of the other through agreement and lead their love and sexual lives in perfect condition. Affective relationships are full of feelings and what makes couples stable and happy is trust between them and in themselves. Meet all our VIP models at Encounters VIP and read all the news we bring to you on our blog. Escanea el código o dale click para estar más cerca a Encounters VIP.

  • The 10 Best Restaurants in Bogotá, Colombia

    Bogotá is the city in Colombia that foreigners visit the most due to the variety and diversity of plans, and the food is one of the reasons that attracts the most. When preparing a dish, each chef wants each ingredient to stand out without overshadowing the other, so that the result gives a unique flavor so that the diner remembers the experience and the dish. The quality, the different flavors and the high level is the requirement of a restaurant to be among the best, the distinction is the annual Michelin stars and is the basis of the so-called Michelin Guide, a travel guide published on paper and on the Internet that serves as a reference for enthusiasts of the world of gastronomy. In Bogotá there are restaurants that are in "Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants", an exclusive list of the best restaurants that visits nearly 300 restaurants every year to publish and highlight the best. In 2022, the 50 best was published on November 15 and the next one will be in November 2023, it will be announced at a ceremony in Rio de Janeiro. Encounters VIP brings a list of the 10 best restaurants in Bogotá, one included in the 50 Best, those that have achieved a Michelin star or that project to be among the best in Latin America and the world, these are the perfect ones to delight in national ingredients with styles brought from all over the world, to spend time with the best company. Ranking El Chato (One Michelin star) Number one in Colombia, fifth in Latin America. Since 2017, chef Álvaro Clavijo opened the El Chato restaurant, a restaurant that highlights Colombian ingredients internationally. For the chef, the restaurant is the engine of work, where he has fun creating mixtures that he never thought of creating with the local pantry. The dishes move according to the rhythm of the earth and make the most of the ingredients. Located at Calle 65 # 4-76, Bogotá, Colombia and they offer a tasting menu which is a perfect option for those who want to try and choose their dish of the day in the best way. Locals in the know will always request the famous avocado soufflé off the menu. Located at Calle 65 # 4-76, Bogotá, Colombia Leo (Three Michelin stars) Number 2 in Colombia, 13 in Latin America. In charge of the creator and founder of chef Leonor Espinosa since June 2021 with a gastronomic proposal that defends local producers and gastronomic traditions. She and her daughter Laura Hernández Espinosa present a dining room under the same roof. The menu is based on feeling, smelling, remembering, traveling and listening to the biodiversity of the Colombian territory, which includes the flavors of the sea such as king crab, mussels and arapaima fish; of the earth with big-assed ants; and from the ground with hearts of palm, purple yam and chontaduro. On the initiative of the chefs, Funleo was born, a foundation that supports well-being processes in Colombian communities. From gastronomy they work with NGOs and government organizations, they come together to promote food culture and promote traditional cuisine, biodiversity and national identities. Leo located at 65 Bis Street #4-23, Bogotá, Colombia. Mesa Franca Number 3 in Colombia, 49 in Latin America. His first house was on 54th and Sixth Street in Chapinero. Since 2016, Creole, mestizo and indigenous cuisine gives value and honors the Colombian product. In 2021 they moved to 61st Street and Fifth Street where the light, music, bar and kitchen reflected the vision of recharging one with happiness. Here they managed to introduce cooking with wood, a fundamental method of Creole traditions, the smoky flavor sets the space. Chef Iván Cadena has experience in restaurants such as Astrid y Gastón, with time in Peru at the Central restaurant in Lima; He created La Guardia, a catering company, and then returned to restaurants, with his partners María Paula and Tom they created Mesa Franca. Mesa Franca located at Calle 61 # 5- 56, Chapinero, Bogotá Harry Sasson (One Michelin star) Number 4 in Colombia and 56 in Latin America Chef Harry Sason, recognized by the 50 Best as the most famous chef-restaurateur in Colombia, rubs shoulders with the best with experience in Vancouver, SENA cooking bases and the experience he absorbed in parallel at the Hilton Hotel in Bogotá. His restaurant unites Latin, Asian and European flavors. Feast on Colombian starters like freshly baked cassava bread before moving on to Japanese grilled shrimp tail or whole grouper and spicy fried beans. Harry Sasson located in race 9 #75-70, Zona G and Quinta Camacho. Humo Negro Número 5 en Colombia y 74 en Latinoamérica. Since 2021, Jaime Terragrosa created the menu with his untraditional style, as well as the entire atmosphere of the restaurant, waiters dressed in black and black walls. Terragrosa spent some time away from the kitchen, but he rediscovered his love for creating flavors after trying a dish by Víctor Fernández and decided that people could feel "this thing that awakened in me", and that is how he traveled to Japan to bring the lego-type grill, for small and large preparations. He was alongside Michelin-starred Faviken in Sweden; with David Kinch at the three Michelin star Manresa and also worked at El Chato. His dishes are made with national ingredients and cutting-edge gastronomic techniques. Due to the influence of his anthropologist wife, he came to know Galerazamba salt, which looks like a diamond, brought from the department of Bolívar; the tucupí, camu camu and the pirarucú of the Amazon; the dog's ear arepa from Huila and the oysters from the Colombian Pacific. Black Smoke located at Carrera 5 #56-06, Chapinero. Prudencia Number 6 in Colombia and 93 in Latin America. A married couple who decided to return to stay in Colombia after finishing their studies in the United States to open the doors to a restaurant that fulfills the desire of its visitors to feel at home. With daily changing menus for diners to explore and share in the culinary adventure. Dishes from around the world using traditional and peasant techniques: local ingredients, minimal waste in the kitchen, connection and respect with our natural environment, and time-consuming preservation techniques such as smoking and fermentation. Prudencia located on Carrera 2 #11-34, La Candelaria. Salvo Patria Number 7 in Colombia and 96 in Latin America. With the concept of sustainable cuisine and in homage to the Colombian territory since 2011, Salvo Patria was born from the mix of love for coffee, which is iconic in Colombia, full of flavor and strength to move forward, saving Colombia throughout the world. Alejandro Gutiérrez lived in Australia and from there he saw how the aroma of coffee brings together and allows sharing. The transformation in Colombia came from having a space for friends and families who can share and bring Colombian flavors to their palates while respecting their flavors. The menu varies because they want the ingredients and good food to be affordable for most. They have left proteins aside for a while so that more people know them and continue enjoying them because they are interested in "those products that are more forgotten, but that are very common in certain parts. Our country is the arepas, the cubios, the chuguas, "That also represents Colombia. We have one of the best pantries in the world." Salvo Patria located in Carrera 4 Bis #58-60, Town of Chapinero. Criterion (Three Michelin stars) The Rausch brothers created the star of their restaurants by combining French technique with Latin products. Jorge and Mark studied in France with all the rigor of European cuisine and when they arrived in Colombia they were faced with restaurants based on the origin of the cuisine, Spanish, Italian. Dessert specialist Mark works at Harry Sasson. Founded in 2004 and in 2021 it was ranked 42nd as the best restaurant in Latin America. Lionfish features prominently on the menu, Jorge promotes the consumption of invasive species that pose a threat to the ocean ecosystem. Criterion located at 69a street # 5 – 75, Bogotá. El Cielo (Dos estrellas Michelin) In 2021, it was ranked 74th as the best restaurant in Latin America with its chef Juan Manuel Barrientos. It opened in 2007 employing ex-guerrillas and ex-military members and in 2011 it arrived in Bogotá. In the restaurant you can have "chocotherapy" in your hands to awaken your senses from the beginning. The use of nitrogen, xanthan or maltodextrin with ingredients from Colombian cuisine creates a new dimension. Barrientos is the first Colombian chef to receive the Michelin star and has locations in Medellín, Bogotá and Miami. El Cielo located at 70 street #4-47 in Bogotá. Ánima From the Seratta Group, Ánima is the fifth restaurant and for this occasion Paulo Airaudo, a chef with three Michelin stars, is in charge of the kitchen. Luxurious and exclusive where only 30 people can enter and is located in the Atlantis Shopping Center. Colombia is the first country in Latin America that the chef chooses because he considers it a gastronomic beacon. The menu has a variety of fish and seafood, and diners will discover the dishes as they arrive. There are no tables, you will sit in a u shape and try the 12 course menu. Ánima located in the Atlantis Shopping Center Bogotá, a city that continues to grow on a gastronomic level and more people come to try the flavors of Colombian and Latin American roots. The chefs have been educated around the world and bring more techniques and new ways of working in the kitchen and give the ingredients from Colombian land more value and recognition worldwide. Bogotá style of living and enjoying life in Latin America.

  • A thousand pleasures at Prepagos69

    Prepagos69 is for you with all its experience in adult content and pleasure. Two companies dedicated to the largest industry with all measures for customer satisfaction, eliminating borders so that pleasure stops being a taboo, and is a way to fulfill fantasies and find sexual satisfaction without feeling any persecution. The models have verified profiles and a wide variety of options in the cities of Cali, Medellín and Bogotá. Enter the link and you will find the prepaid, trans and massage service, you can choose the type of service you want You will find what you want with the filter for your interest, for example: select the city where you want the service and the category of the model, Cali and trans; A catalog of options will open that you can review. The models have photos and a description so you can see them and take your time to decide who to fulfill your desires with. You can write via WhatsApp or call the phone number that each model has so you can contact them directly. A plus, scroll down the page when you are looking at the models and you will see what are filters that can facilitate the search for your girl such as La 70, Usaquén or Pance, each city has areas that may be among your preferences. Prepagos69 dedicates time to demonstrate that what it offers is what it gives, a group of women interested in improving sex work, both for clients and for those who work in this sector. The Colombian and prepaid escort service is in Bogotá and other cities in the country; Mature, young and hot women are willing to fulfill your erotic fantasies. You find safe and exclusive sexual tourism here, 100% real. The path that this great company chose is so that dreams of a thousand pleasures come true, specialized in bringing people closer to the disdain of the experience of pleasure.

  • Sex, pleasure, orgasm.

    Decide now when it will be, that your mouth will touch my mouth, so, tell me now that you give me, I want to feel you, kiss you, pass my tongue over you and you will feel good... Let's have a good time, from the look we build the path that the bodies will travel to feel pure pleasure. And only each person knows how he likes it best and where he feels the most. And this is when today's question is what do you like, what does your body like. Our escorts are willing to help you in your search. Sex is not just about going in and out, hammering or concert applause, you and I know that. The body in front of you feels more and all the skin expects a delicate or rough caress, or strong if that's what you want. So there are many ways to give pleasure and feel thousands of sensations with sex, pleasure and orgasm; the long-awaited orgasm, and if you are one of those who know, you want the eyes you see to feel the same. One of the characters who knows about sex is Nacho Vidal, the porn actor advises doing it without disgust and with passion, it does not mean without hygiene. Nacho decided to share with the world varieties so that men improve and let us loosen up in sex, and guess what is one of the topics he talks about first. Sex is not silent cinema, open your mouth "sex is a game between two people to have fun and that is why communication is the main thing, and much more so if it is the first time with someone. In the first times it is very difficult look good. Therefore, TALK! That's what you were taught to do." You don't know what the eyes that see you like, and those eyes don't know what you like or how you like it, ask without disgust, dare to say. Go to the best restaurants in Bogotá that are among the best in Latin America, Encounters VIP brings them to you Play, it's time to learn what foreplay is, and enjoy it. whispers, seduces, contemplates, looks at what she is wearing, admires, warms the atmosphere more as if the room had no windows. And how do you do that? Run your tongue over the neck, the inside of the knees and the elbows and notice where it gets hotter. Fingers and toes also have a sexual sensitivity that few imagine. Do you like to be the one who seduces or the one who is seduced? Does it excite you to approach them at first, or does it excite you to be approached? Let them dance for you, you dance for him or dance naked? Real sex is not the same as porn, men can forget that our body is more than a penis, it is more than the head of the penis, so one day you can look for where you feel other things. The neck, the nape of the neck, the ears. In each part you can ask the passage of your partner's nails, tongue or breath, and stay there for a while. They know, and our exclusive models know more, be patient, explore each part of the body and, again, see what you like. Some may prefer to feel the hands on their back or that the nails leave their mark on the chest and did you know that the elbows can be the beginning of the path to get to another place. Ask them to suck your fingers and pass them down your arm to your neck, why not? The legs, hands going up and grabbing the thighs and if the man likes having his ass fucked, you already know what you should do, TALK!, that's what they taught you for. Men, tell her you like it, there are many ways to tell her to continue, to hold on, men also moan and they like it. If men feel many things, imagine a woman. Meet all the models that work with Encounters VIP dedicated to fulfilling wishes and giving you 100% real experiences.

  • Encounters V.I.P. With the charm of Medellin

    Medellín, known for its friendly people and, of course, the beauty of its women. Paradise with feminine charm and elegance, the body of the paisas can be defined as art and Encounters VIP has everything to give you the passion you are looking for in the city of eternal spring with our escorts from Medellín. The elegance of the women of Medellín lies in their way of walking through the cobblestone streets of the city and because of their grace when speaking, Medellin women seem to have been born to delight the senses. Their elegance is reflected in their clothing, which perfectly combines the modern with the traditional, creating a unique style that never goes out of style. Learn more about us on BLOG | Encounters VIP We are here to fulfill your wishes. Dazzaling A woman's smile can light up a room. Her warmth and kindness are contagious, making anyone feel welcome and loved in her company. The soft and warm talk of her is a mixture that can lead you to a new way of living the intimate moment. You will be dazzled by her company and her ways of giving you pleasure. Our escorts in Medellín know how beautiful they are and how to treat you, and they are also aware that their beauty goes beyond the superficial. They are enterprising, intelligent and self-confident. For you who are looking for company, Encounters VIP came to Medellín with its entire team to ensure that you are with the most nicer, beautiful, attentive and friendly escorts and models in the city. You will find the security of being with who you want "what you ask for comes", exclusive models for the companion service willing to fulfill your desires. We are an escort agency specialized in providing a pleasurable experience and the women of Medellín dazzle with their smile. The Charm of the Women of Medellín: Where Beauty is Found in Every Corner. Safety for the models and for the users is a pillar for Encounters VIP, the model has the support, respect and attention that she deserves so that her life is better every day. Users are in the best hands, they do not have to worry about their safety or the quality of the service, we know what they are looking for and every day we work so that both parties have the best moments in the best company. The best companions in Colombia are in Encounters VIP, they give you a 100% real service, our exclusive models are for you, go to the link Encounters VIP | Escorts.

  • Recordings without consent

    The principles of Encounters VIP are consent and respect for the model's availability consultation Recording themselves having sex is a fetish that many like to perform and repeat because of all the excitement that can be generated by seeing themselves and their partner having sex. Clients can ask or request a model to make their fetish a reality, it is a situation that can be done by mutual agreement Encounters VIP does not prevent models from deciding whether they are recorded or not, the model's authorization must be before the question of whether she allows it, but if the model does not want to be recorded, no one can use any means to record video or audio, and if they record it without your authorization, it incurs a violation of privacy and personal data. Colombia is a country that has a framework for the protection of personal data, Law 1581 of 2012 includes the processing of information and activities within the framework of people's private or family life. Personal data, images, and conversations are private and the only person who can use these to distribute them is the same or another person authorized by the same. Decree 1377 of 2013 regulates Law 1581 on personal data and defines sensitive data as those that affect the privacy of the owner, as well as data related to health or sexual life. And also, defines privacy notice as the verbal or written communication generated by the owner of the information. In Colombia, people have the right to their personal and family privacy. In the event of a violation of intimacy, the Colombian Penal Code in article 154A establishes that those who "capture, intercept, modify or disclose personal data without authorization from the affected person will be punished." with imprisonment of one (1) to four (4) years and a fine of ten (10) to two hundred (200) current legal monthly minimum wages." And in article 162A "without authorization, capture, record or disseminate images, videos or audios of intimate content of a person, or disseminate text or voice messages of an intimate nature, will be punished with imprisonment of four (4) to eight (8). ) years and a fine of fifty (50) to one thousand (1,000) current legal monthly minimum wages." Encounters VIP informs that all acts must be carried out in a common agreement between the model and the client, respecting the rights of both parties without infringing the principles of Encounters VIP. Encounters VIP on Instagram

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