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  • Sensual expression grows in Colombia

    Colombia, a country where sexuality and sensuality make sense in the world of art, writing and on the Internet. Artists have recreated the sensuality of men and women, and cities. Karen Lamassone, who painted, photographed the imagined, the fantastic and the surreal of the city of Cali between the 70s and 80s using her body and that of friends who allowed her to bend the bodies to impregnate them on the canvases in the middle of the hard and hot streets of the then called Caliwood. With another look, an artist named Fernando Botero decided to opt for the shapes of the body because “they produce a special excitement when looking at a painting”. With the changes that the ways of representing art bring come new ways of identifying sensuality and sexuality, a search is visualized for people to identify the body as a place of expression and exercise of autonomy and power. Colombia has been a participant in artistic expressions such as 'Deseo, an exhibition about love, sex and lust' that was held in Medellín in 2018 with the participation of 18 artists with the aim of normalizing the concepts of pleasure, love, sex and desire are part of being human. And in Bogotá, in 2016, in the Plaza de Bolívar, the Artist Spencer Tunick gathered more than six thousand people to get naked for one of his photographs. This year, 2022, one of the ways of expressing sensuality and working with the body could be carried out. The Lexpo, after being postponed and having changed venues twice, took place in July in the city of Cali, Colombia. The world of pornography and webcam models managed to have a space to demonstrate that Colombia is one of the countries that can continue to increase and demonstrate that the body, sensuality, sexuality, love and desire are an intrinsic part of people.. There are different ways to demonstrate sensuality, to take advantage and demonstrate that bodies are made not to contain but to protect all the potential they have intellectually and sexually. Sensual Expression grows in Colombia.

  • Health, care and exams

    The only effects to feel and express with all sensuality and pleasure are the orgasms that the body feels. Safety and sexual health are the priority of Encounters VIP. The entire work team is focused on ensuring that both girls and clients have all the necessary conditions to spend the best intimate moments. The Encounters VIP girls must undergo tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and STDs every three months to verify and take care of themselves and the clients they serve. When the client contacts the company, they must be clear that they have the guarantee of obtaining a complete service and with total security, that is, the relationships offered are only with condoms, as well as the exclusivity and anonymity to carry out their greatest desires. Likewise, it is important that all people monitor and take care of STDs; the entire responsibility lies with those who decide to have sexual relations, whether with or without a condom, to carry out any sexual practice calmly and safely. They can go to the EPS, Profamilia or private laboratories that perform STD detection tests and there they can also ask any questions to clarify doubts about risks, control and management. Given any motivation on the part of the client to choose to have sex without a condom, that is, naturally, they must be clear that Encounters VIP does not offer this service. It is under their responsibility if the client talks to the girl and they have relations without this care, in the same way if the client has direct contact through messages or any other means with a girl, since Encounters VIP does not offer this service. On the other hand, if a girl offers sex without a condom, the client has the right and duty to immediately notify the Encounters VIP team to take the corresponding actions. Taking care of her and the girls is the most important thing for Encounters VIP and thus contribute to the care and growth of our company of escort girls. Health, care and exams. For more information, contact the Encounters VIP team by Whatsapp, Instagram or the chat located on our website .

  • The girl you see, arrives, no other, certified

    Encounters VIP has a variety of models and the client will receive the requested girl, the trust provided will be rewarded by completely satisfying the client, a certified service, the model you ask for is the one that arrives. The agency's priority is to provide what it offers, the girl who is on the page is the one who provides the service, the image of other women is not used to attract attention. One of the most important things that stands out the most about Encounters VIP is that it has the ability to manage, help, collaborate and provide the service offered. The girl you see, arrives, no other, certified. The girls who work hand in hand with Encounters VIP are selected through an interview carried out in the office in which the attitude, disposition, and experience are reviewed, and with photos that do not transgress the girl. It must be remembered that the girls are the ones in charge of making contact with Encounters VIP and from that moment on they are accompanied in the process to be part of the working group. At first each model can work with some photos taken by herself, with time and experience, one of the two photographers is in charge of making a photo studio in a reserved hotel space, these are posted on the website and each one Write the description that you see in their profile on The information about each girl is 100% real, chest, waist and hip measurements are taken at the time of joining the team. After the interview, photos, taking measurements, finally the approval of the agency, Encounters VIP guarantees that the girl you are going to ask for will be the one who will provide the service, guaranteed. To this day Encounters VIP has assured every client the girl they requested, and there have been no last minute changes.. Clients have every right to change their mind when requesting a girl, ideally before the model is on the way to the appointment, they can even cancel without any penalty.. Remember that “The model you order is the one that arrives, otherwise your service is free.”

  • Opportunity to dress up without fear

    October 31, the date on which thousands of people around the world take the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters from movies, series and comics.. Nowadays it is a joyous celebration in which trick-or-treating is done in homes, apartments and stores, but adults have used the date for many more things than just laughing. Most wanted costumes in 2021 In 2021, as in previous years, the big and small screen imposed costume trends. The boom on streaming platforms was The Squid Game. The South Korean series put the black masks with triangles, squares and circles with the red suit in the eyes of viewers around the world. Another that set a trend in recent years is ``La Casa de Papel'', which was one of the most watched series since 2017, the year it premiered on Netflix. Ideas for 2022 The two series that recently came out and that caused a sensation in the world are The House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power, which with their war suits, weapons, and dominion can be an option for those who want to stand out from everyone. Sexy Costumes On Halloween there is always room for sexy costumes for the most daring and for those who take the opportunity to leave a little modesty at home. The classic and reliable Playboy bunny for anyone who wants to be part of the largest house of women in the world. For those who want to show that they are in charge, they can choose to be part of the police or the army with camouflage and carry a pair of handcuffs.. Or if they want to play one of the biggest and sexiest stars on the big screen, the great Marilyn Monroe in her classic white dress. For Them They can accompany their bunny being Huge Hefner with the red robe, black glasses and sailor hat. Another very important character in the music industry who had a movie released in his name in 2022 is Elvies Presley. If you liked Top Gun, it is a good opportunity to dress up as a warplane pilot. Horror We cannot forget the costumes of the iconic characters from the movies and the horror and bloodiest scenes in history. It is the opportunity to dress up without fear Jason's iconic hockey mask, Michael Myers' knife, Freddy Krueger's burned face and black and red striped jacket, and the most recent one is Babyface from Happy Death Day in 2017. We can't forget Jason's mask. death or Ghostface from Scream, Watch Who's Calling from 1996. Photo taken from

  • 100% Consensual service

    Due to recent events that occurred to our models in which clients have been involved, Encounters VIP remembers that any service offered by the model is consensual. The models, working in association with Encounters VIP, can offer additional services for a cost that they propose, these services are not mandatory, the models are not obliged to do so if they do not want to, this is in favor of respect for the integrity of the model. Clients have the opportunity to request the services that are offered by the company and the models and likewise, clients and models have the right to reach agreements before and during the appointment, all based on “Sexual Rights.” and Reproductive Rights” whose purpose is to guarantee that all people can live free of discrimination, risks, threats, coercion and violence in the field of sexuality and reproduction. Important: 1.We clarify that if the additional service is not performed, there is no charge. 2.The basic accompaniment service contracted initially must be carried out as a commitment for having taken the accompaniment. 3. The model is not obliged to perform the additional service if she does not want. 4. The additional service, if agreed and accepted, is carried out under sanitary conditions, without risking the health of the models and clients. 5. Additional services are offered by each model. Due to incidents in which clients requested and forced escorts to perform certain services under threat of accusing them of the company for not fulfilling their desire at the time, we remind our community that Encounters VIP protects the right to respect sexual intimacy. and confidentiality, as well as the right to have a free, safe and pleasurable sexual life for our clients and models. 100% consensual service. Any person who disrespects or fails to comply with the values ​​of Encounters VIP may be sanctioned by the company. Encounters VIP reserves the rights of admission.

  • Malicious people closed us down

    The Encounters VIP family regrets that in recent days Instagram closed our profile, and the work of a year approaching you through this medium is suspended without an explanation from the social network. We are aware that there are restrictions on the content that can be published, and we do not violate the conditions in which no image, video or audio was shown explicit content. Malicious people closed us and more than 3 thousand followers knew that Encounters VIP is a company dedicated to connecting people with a common interest, sharing pleasant, joyful and exciting moments. We are an agency focused on improving the quality of our services every day. Ensuring the safety of our models and clients. We are going to make you aware of all our work and our way of working through this platform in a better way, with more information and better content for you who are part of our company. You can follow us again and stay connected with us through this link or with our QR. Encounters VIP Our WhatsApp and Telegram channels remain the same 313 3349617 - 322 7634200

  • Top brand unites you with your desires.

    2022 is coming to an end but with good news for everyone, the Encounters VIP family is ready to continue connecting models with users. We offer and have the capacity so that everyone can be part of pleasant and exciting moments in complete confidence. The models who join us know that they have a team that takes care of them from their first call, they have the guarantees to resolve any questions through any of our means of communication. Our way of working offers all the guarantees and requirements: STD exams, total confidentiality, quality, the model arrives and payment method at the end. Top brand unites you with your desires. Our website offers a place for all models who want to be part of our family and are interested in meeting our users. When the model contacts us, she knows that she will have an exclusive space for her and her interests, with respectful and clear support. We are a brand that wants to continue growing hand in hand with models and our users as a TOP agency that offers a space for adults. The website offers the cover of the model and the services that users can freely consult to detail, ask and schedule an appointment through Encounters VIP. The photos, services and description are made with the help of professionals. Those who have contacted for a service know that the girl they ask for is the one who arrives, the atmosphere, the trust and tranquility of having what was agreed will be there. Through the official media of WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram you can have all the information to spend the best moments with your ideal girl. Models and clients meet our family's ideals: respect, freedom, equality, honesty, trust along with intimate communication, sensuality and desire. What happens in Encounters VIP stays in Encounters VIP.

  • An idea, the smallest wish is fulfilled.

    The welcome and excellence letter is presented by the girls who decide to work through Encounters VIP. The ideal between users and models is respect throughout the process, from the moment each one decides to take the service. The magnificent thing about the meetings held with us is the tranquility and perfection from before they meet. Each one waits for the call to confirm where someone will be behind a door for the appointment. At any moment the agreed date, place, time, agreed wishes, agreed user and model arrive; and from there they think with what clothes and what color will be best for the occasion, white or black, red, green, heels, shoes, boots and of course the best perfume for both of them. The smallest detail matters, an idea, the smallest wish is fulfilled Both arrive at the agreed time, with lust on the surface, the nerves of seeing that person as on a first date or the most desired date for a long time, they want everything to be perfect so they can wish for that moment to be repeated again. and again. If everyone's wishes come true, they will dance and sing to the rhythm of the wish. Users like models communicate with us because of the transparency of the process and professional quality. The foundation of the company is due and replicated in each person who is part of the company, both models, users and the Encounters VIP team agree to comply. Encounters VIP works so that everyone meets the bases to satisfy the greatest desires of lust in an unforgettable way.

  • Do they interfere against Encounters VIP?

    Recently, the main social networks of Encounters VIP and its team have been suspended, closed or blocked without reasons given to their administrators or owners. Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp belong to the same company, Meta, open and constantly moving accounts with publications and interaction with the community that had problems without being able to resolve. Without knowing, specifically, the reasons or if people who do not agree have tried to interfere with our work. We remind all users who followed us or communicated through any of these means that there is a new Instagram and other means of direct communication with Encounters VIP. Our approach is to provide all the necessary information respectfully without violating the rules of these social networks. Each publication is prepared with great care to transmit a clear message on the topics of greatest interest such as women and the rapprochement between models and our users. The growth of Encounters VIP led by a duly selected team and happy users with the best intentions of being with us due to the quality and way of work offered, the service will continue to improve for both models and users. They interfere against Encouters VIP but they will not prevent us from continuing to grow. On our main page you will find direct links to communicate with our company team, enter our community and share with us on social networks and learn more about the best company dedicated to connecting ladies with users. Follow us.

  • Encounters VIP

    10 of March of 2023 Release The Encounters VIP team announces to all people related to our company that with inaccurate information it is trying to deceive our team to waste our team's time, and more importantly that of the requested model. Therefore, the Encounters VIP team will take precautionary measures and greater control of service confirmation, the verification of the service will be more strict for the safety of the models and to avoid inconveniences. Description: Through invoices from a telephone, internet and TV service company, they confirmed the service, with real information; apparently the information of another person and another apartment. The call and support of the national police was present to register the case and have evidence of the false information provided. Encounters VIP is a company established with all the guarantees for the effective and care of users and models, which is why the support of the national police was carried out in a short time, and thus maintain calm and have the case in legal hands. To the creators of such falsehoods, we offer a simple message: STOP DOING IT. Sharing inaccurate information is wrong and harmful. We apologize to the model who was involved in these inconveniences and we announce to all people related to Encounters VIP that measures will be taken to increase security and peace of mind for future services. Encounters VIP will continue to take care of the identity of the models as well as the users. Models and users have an entire team to resolve any concerns through our communication channels.

  • Testicular self-examination

    There has been an increase in cases of testicular cancer worldwide, the American Cancer Society still does not know the causes of this increase. Testicular cancer is one of the most common cancers among men between 15 and 34 years old. According to Globocan statistics in Colombia, every two men per 1,000 inhabitants present this symptomatology. As in all cases of cancer, it is important that people perform a weekly or daily self-examination, and evaluate if there has been any change and if they feel any non-painful lump or mass, if it occurs, go to a trusted doctor or EPS to begin a professional diagnosis. and treatment. Fortunately, testicular cancer, when discovered early, can be cured and in 95% of cases death does not occur, it is necessary to perform a testicular self-examination. The appropriate treatment at the time of early diagnosis if you go for surgery is the combination of chemotherapy with radiotherapy on some occasions and strict follow-up with therapies. Unfortunately, when the time after finding the cancer is not discovered in time, the average life span is 5 years. Some risk factors for having testicular cancer are:: Undescended testicle or cryptorchidism. Gonadal dysgenesis or abnormal testicular development. Insensitivity syndrome. History of first-degree relatives, father or brothers, with testicular tumors. Infertility. Exposure to diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic estrogen to treat prostate problems. The Colombian League Against Cancer launches a creative preventive campaign that seeks to promote the early detection of testicular cancer. If you want to know the statistics on cancer in Colombia and the world you can access this link from the International Cancer Research Agency Encounters VIP committed to the health of all men in Colombia and the world. Go and like our post on Instagram. Scan the QR code or click on it.

  • Liner, balloon, cover, rubber: condom

    Only in Colombia there are several ways to say condom, and among groups of friends, acquaintances, you can have a juicy conversation and the best thing is that there are textures, colors and special characteristics that a word can create a long, hot and safe conversation. Let's start with flavored and scented condoms. If you haven't tried them before, it would be a good way to make sex more fun and interesting. There are flavors of strawberry, orange, banana, apple, bubblegum, pineapple and many more that you can try and carry in your bags, suitcases, pockets in case the occasion arises. Something fun is to play to guess the flavor of the condom and if you want you can learn to put it on without using your hands. Textured, you can find them in any pharmacy or store, there is double pleasure, for those who put them on and those who receive them. The textures can be points, lines in different shapes to increase vaginal or anal stimulation, wherever you want to use it. If you want to experience something less commercial, there are the so-called covers, with more obvious textures and offer greater pleasure. Others are lubricated condoms, with delays, for the G spot, ultra thin, and they all have in common that they are to prevent pregnancies, avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and have a full sexual life safely. Liner, balloon, cover, rubber, condom: condom Stealthing, don't take it off Unfortunately, some people, due to beliefs of masculinity or sexual sensations, do not like to use condoms and force the recipient to have sexual relations without a condom, and there are those who, without prior notice or consent, remove the condom. There are cases where the person who puts on the condom takes it off without consent, that is, in the middle of the sexual act he stops using the condom and continues penetrating the other person, the one receiving it, this is called Stealthing and in In several countries it is judged as a crime of a sexual nature that threatens sexual freedom and in Colombia the bill seeks that those who engage in this practice in the middle of intercourse have a sentence of two to four years in prison. The bill names Chile, the US, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom as countries that have taken action on cases of Stealthig, translated into Spanish "sigilosamente" or "sigilosiando". The bill seeks to ensure that all people, men or women, are guaranteed protection against sexual abuse; rape will be treated in the same way, whether against a spouse or any other victim. In a study of 626 men, "10% of participants agreed to have removed their condom without consent at some point since they were 14 years old, with an average of 3.62 times." And with the testimony of Alexandra Brodsky, a researcher at the National Women's Law Center in the United States, she wants to reflect that "it feels like a violation of trust and a denial of autonomy, not very different from a rape." The project has already been approved in the House of Representatives unanimously and is going to the second plenary debate of the House. Consent to use a condom is very important to lead a full sexual life and if one of you does not want to use a condom, there are ways to reach an agreement and not harm or affect the other person. If you want without a condom, you must first inform it and everyone will have a better time, richer and more eager to repeat it. EncountersVIP taking care of your sexual health and safety. If you want to listen a little more you can go to this podcast on Spotify and learn a little more about Stealthing: And if you want to review the project, click on the following link:

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