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We are Prestige

In 2022, Encounters VIP was crowned winner of the Prestige Awards in the "Adult Entertainment" category.

Prestige Awards recognizes companies that during the year are among the best in the market in which they operate. It is recognized by the results and opinions given by clients. It must be impeccable work to be among the nominees. "The panel of judges base their decisions on areas such as service excellence, quality of the product or service provided, innovative practices, value, ethical or sustainable work methods, as well as consistency in performance," each year they give recognition in different business fields and Adult Entertainment is one of them.

Based in England, they make the call so that companies can register and be evaluated through accreditations, recognition in the country of origin and comments from their clientele determine the winner. “During the awards process, we invited more than 100,000 companies and corporate professionals, magazine contributors and our subscribers to nominate companies and individuals,” all under the concept of Osmaan Mahmood, founder and CEO of the Prestige Awards who believes in companies with a personalized service approach that is often a segment absent in international organizations.

In 2022 Encounters VIP was the winner in Adult Entertainment and became the best company with the best people who provide personalized attention, quality, work methods and excellent performance during the year, which proudly allows say "we are Prestige".

Encounters| VIP | Colombia Prestige Awards| Bogotá

TAll winners are featured in the celebratory awards magazine, published digitally as well as in print, distributed to Prestige subscribers around the world. In 2023 we have worked to improve and advance much more in the adult industry. The models and the Encounters VIP team are united to give 110% so that everything is better every day.

About Encounters VIP

Encounters VIP is the leading agency in escort services and luxury scorts in Bogotá. With an exclusive focus on providing unmatched experiences, we are the preferred choice for those seeking sophisticated and memorable companionship by Colombian escorts, selected by Colombians and foreigners.

Our team of VIP escorts and models in Bogotá has been meticulously selected to represent perfection in beauty, elegance and charm. Each of our escorts is a unique combination of captivating physical attractiveness and social skills.

We understand the individual needs and desires of our clients. Whether you are looking for a companion for an elegant dinner, a social event or an intimate experience, our escorts are prepared to meet your most demanding expectations.

We value the privacy and confidentiality of our clients at Encounters VIP. You can trust your personal data and the experiences with our escorts will be kept absolutely secret.

Meet all our models at Encounters VIP and read all the news we bring to you on our blog

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