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Opportunity to dress up without fear

October 31, the date on which thousands of people around the world take the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters from movies, series and comics..

Nowadays it is a joyous celebration in which trick-or-treating is done in homes, apartments and stores, but adults have used the date for many more things than just laughing.

Encounters| VIP| Happy Halloween| Bogotá

Most wanted costumes in 2021

In 2021, as in previous years, the big and small screen imposed costume trends.

The boom on streaming platforms was The Squid Game. The South Korean series put the black masks with triangles, squares and circles with the red suit in the eyes of viewers around the world.

Another that set a trend in recent years is ``La Casa de Papel'', which was one of the most watched series since 2017, the year it premiered on Netflix.

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Encounters| VIP| La casa de papel| Bogotá

Ideas for 2022

The two series that recently came out and that caused a sensation in the world are The House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power, which with their war suits, weapons, and dominion can be an option for those who want to stand out from everyone.

Sexy Costumes

On Halloween there is always room for sexy costumes for the most daring and for those who take the opportunity to leave a little modesty at home.

The classic and reliable Playboy bunny for anyone who wants to be part of the largest house of women in the world. For those who want to show that they are in charge, they can choose to be part of the police or the army with camouflage and carry a pair of handcuffs..

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Or if they want to play one of the biggest and sexiest stars on the big screen, the great Marilyn Monroe in her classic white dress.

For Them

They can accompany their bunny being Huge Hefner with the red robe, black glasses and sailor hat. Another very important character in the music industry who had a movie released in his name in 2022 is Elvies Presley. If you liked Top Gun, it is a good opportunity to dress up as a warplane pilot.

Encounters|VIP| Hombre disfraz  ojo en la mano| Bogotá


We cannot forget the costumes of the iconic characters from the movies and the horror and bloodiest scenes in history. It is the opportunity to dress up without fear Jason's iconic hockey mask, Michael Myers' knife, Freddy Krueger's burned face and black and red striped jacket, and the most recent one is Babyface from Happy Death Day in 2017. We can't forget Jason's mask. death or Ghostface from Scream, Watch Who's Calling from 1996.

Encounters|VIP| Freddy Kruguer, Babyface, Jason| Bogotá

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