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Non-traditional couples

Love evolves and couples take different paths than traditional ones to stay together. Today brings new ways to share and experiment with confidence and affection.


A monogamous couple focuses more on exclusivity between the two people and in some cases it can overwhelm and break up the relationship. The new generations and the information they have at hand through technology have made people interact and speak differently, couples have dared to challenge traditional monogamous behavior and have found ways to maintain a relationship between two people with variations, Now there are non-traditional couples looking for a companion.

Couples request service

There are two of us, but how about we add someone for one night? Experimenting every day becomes easier with the right person, and yes, it is easier and safer to be with someone new with all the toys if you look in the right place. Encounters VIP is for everyone who wants to have new moments of pleasure that they had not thought could happen.

For those who want to take a leap in their couple's sexuality, there is the option of a service with one of the VIP models that pleases those fetishes that remain secret. The fantasy of some is to watch while the couple touches and kisses the other, or the desire of both is for all three to actively participate in bed.

In real life we ​​like some things and there are others that do not allow us to be free and take much more work. At Encounters VIP, between the two of you, you can choose the VIP model that most attracts you. You will be safe in sharing with a woman who knows what she is about and who will listen to your requests so that it is a safe, pleasant, comfortable and fluid, a pleasurable experience.

The best way to have a threesome is always communication and security, and for the couple to have a better time, we recommend that they have safe words that will help them communicate more easily if there is something uncomfortable and be able to continue with the trio. The words should be different from "yes" or "no", it can be "peach" or "giraffe", the important thing is that the couple knows what it means. The importance of condom use, a condom for each person who is going to be penetrated.

The services must be 100% consensual, read it here or enter the blog with more topicss

Open relationship

More trust means more time spent together and relationships may choose to allow both parties to have sexual encounters with other people without the intention of maintaining emotional ties. Both with a clear and conscious agreement. With a stable partner, emotional commitment is maintained, but freedom is given to have sexual encounters. Some couples decide that they can only have sexual relations with another person once and that it does not happen again, one person once or if they want between the couple they can repeat it without generating emotional ties.

Hybrid couples


One member of the couple is monogamous and the other has sexual relations with others. Both respect the needs of the other through agreement and lead their love and sexual lives in perfect condition.

Affective relationships are full of feelings and what makes couples stable and happy is trust between them and in themselves. Meet all our VIP models at Encounters VIP and read all the news we bring to you on our blog.


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