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Hello, I am a young and beautiful girl, with full of energy and calm, I am excellent at listening and having a conversation, if you only speak English there is no problem! I can talk a little, it's not so bad, we'll understand each other. I like to share music and good sex, also good food and why not toast with a good wine?

I am open mind to exploring new things, always from the respect and comfort of both. If you don't have someone to leave your pet with, there is no problem I also love animals ♥️. I love to dance, I'm a dancer so if you want a good show I'm the best at it, it's always better to let things flow and have a good connection to have a good time.

80    USD
160 USD

One hour service
three hour service

  • Sex with a condom

  • Oral sex with a condom

  • Condoms

  • Home service

  • And more importantly, a girlfriend treatment, caressing kisses. Remember you are hiring a BRIDE

Additional services


You can pay in cash when the girl arrives, or the following means of payment

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